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Day 10 negative test 😪


I tested today although OTD is tomorrow and it was a negative. I know there's no hope of a positive tomorrow as we have previously tested on this day and got a positive. Life is so unfair. I don't understand why it hasn't worked... Lining looked great, progesterone levels were high at over 20, embryo was a cavitated blastocyst. Why hasn't it worked? What's gone wrong? This has been 10 years of trying now for me and my 5th cycle. It's exhausting and draining. I don't know how to lift myself up now. I feel particularly devastated for my partner who doesn't have any fertility issues. Just want to bury my head under the covers and block out the world xxx

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I’m in the same boat test day tomorrow and bfn yesterday xx

I am so sorry! Ivf is hard and cruel! I would test when they told you to though. You never know. Take care my lovely xxxx

Im so sorry! Its really hard to get your head around when everything looks perfect and on paper there is no reason for the failures. We find that the most frustrating part of doing treatment too. The only thing is to take some time out and try to gather back some strength, sometimes it just all gets a bit much to bear. Huge hugs.xx

So so sorry to read this. Was it a frozen transfer? If so, they can take longer to implant. Also, my otd was after 10 days. I have seen some on here be 14. I have also seen people get bfn the day before then go on to get a bfp on official date.

I really hope for a different result for you tomorrow. Sending huge hugs today xx

Hope4usall in reply to Camillage

Thank you so much and for a little thread if hope. This is so hard xx

I am so sorry. When everything looks perfect it is difficult when things don’t work out. Sending hugs xxx

So sorry to hear this sending you hugs and please take care xx

I am so sorry, it is such a tough journey and really hard when you don't have any answers,I find the not knowing is the hardest part. Take care xx

We are both so sorry to hear this. I know how hard it is to pick yourself up after each disappointment.

Don't blame yourself, I'm sure your partner doesn't.

Thinking of you.


Thank you. We'll keep going. I'm never going to give up. We'll get our family one day. Hope you are all well. It's lovely seeing pictures of Luna. You all give me a lot of hope that we too can have our happy ending xx

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