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Test day update- negative


Weirdly I don't feel that down (at the moment) but maybe it hasn't kicked in! Just glad I know and the wait is over! Was so sure with all my symptoms , goes to show it's all the meds!!!

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Sorry to hear that! Those bloody drugs have a lot to answer for symptom wise! Sending you a big hug. Try to plan something nice as a reward to yourself for all those jabs and drugs!xx

Very sorry to read this xxx

So sorry to hear this...I honestly didn't expect it either when u list ur symptoms. Just goes to show, u really can't tell. Look after yourself xxx

Aw sweetheart I'm so sorry to hear this be kind to yourself 😘😘 xx

Angel I'm so sorry to hear this. Be good to yourself! ❤️

Sorry to read this and hope you will be alright!

Thanks everyone! I'm already thinking about next month! I'll never stop trying until I hold my baby in my arms 😢xx

Sorry for your bfn 😕 xx


So sorry for ur result

So sorry to read this, look after yourself x


I am so sorry. Take care of yourself and we are all here xx


Lots of love 💙💙💙

So Sorry to here this. Xx

So sorry to read this!! 😢xx

Sorry to hear this. Take care xx

Sorry to see this. Xx

So sorry to hear this. Take care x

So sorry to hear this, it's such a difficult journey we are all on. Sending you lots of hugs xx

So sorry to hear that 😢 It's so unfair. I had lots of symptoms too but got the same result. I hope you're ok. Sending you big hugs xxx

Thanks, doesn't it suck!! I'm really trying to think of the future but I'm struggling, doesn't it leave you in limbo! Sorry to hear your news as well, it sucks!! Xx


So sorry to hear this look after yourself xx

So sorry to hear this xx

Sorry to hear that. This process is so cruel getting hopes up and then dashing them. Spoil yourself for a bit now and have all the stuff you've cut down on through the process x

Sorry to hear your news, look after yourself x

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