Cycle 2- bfn

I did my blood test today .Its a bfn again.I had a good cry about it early this morning before the test.I felt so overwhelmed with the whole process.But i still had hope the cramping im having is a good sign.The embryologist called and he is also shocked coz we had a good embryo.We didnt have any to freeze.We are not sure when we will do this again coz its costly.we have to fund it ourselves for the third time.Does anyone have good news about unblocking fallopian tubes?Maybe its something we could look into.Im devastated but also relieved to know .The waiting was killing me.Thank you all for the support.maybe we will try again in August if we save up.My dear hubby is so disapppointed but hes trying to be strong.bless him.

Good luck to everyone battling with infertility.I really hope that one day we will be mommies .Stay positive and cry if you must.It sure does help.Baby dust to everyone.😊

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  • I'm so sorry to hear about your bfn. Sending a big hug. Look after yourself and treat yourself and your hubby over the coming weeks. xxx

  • Am so sorry, be kind and look after your selves x

  • UPDATE we just got a call from our doctor that we can do a cycle in June at no cost to us.Dear hubby is tired but im saying yes to it.ivf is not cheap and if we can do it for free maybe we could be 3rd time excited all over again.

  • I'm so sorry you have to go through this again but that's a good offer and not long to wait. Thinking of you xx

  • Oh yes a free cycle is better than having to pay for i wont wallow too much in my having a drink right now .Probably my first and last till next cycle.maybe just maybe there will be some good news.

  • Glad to hear you're feeling quite positive. Enjoy that drink! x

  • Wow that's amazing that you can have another free cycle, how come?!

  • Dear Lawmom, I was so sorry to read you're update... as I started to scroll down I found this message. Whilst it doesn't change the disappointment of the BFN, at least there's a tiny silver lining you can go at it again without having to pay. And so quickly! Just make sure you feel ready both physically and emotionally to start the rollercoaster again. I'm sure the chance for another free go won't disappear if you wait one or two more months? I remember being so annoyed after our first fail that I wasn't allowed to start again the month after. But in hindsight having a month break (two periods) was a good thing as I was in a much better place the second time around.

    Anyways, thinking of you and hope it'll be third time lucky! Xx

  • Oooo wow! x

  • So sorry to hear this, take care of yourself and treat yourself to something nice xx

  • Oh I'm so sorry to see this, I was hoping it was going to be your time, I'm also now having to self fund as we had nothing to freeze so that meant we lost our free frozen egg transfer so only got on free go on the NHS. It so hard and sucks doesn't it!!

    Well all going to plan I hope to get in for August / sept fingers crossed.

    Sending you big hugs and afainnim so sorrybut hasn't worked this time xxxx

  • Our doctor saya we can get a free cycle when im ready .Thank God.There is no state funded IVf where im from so we are grateful that our clinic offered a free one.i hope you get good news next cycle EmmaJane.we all deserve to be parents one day.hopefully soon.

  • I've just read another of your comments sorry i didn't see that when I replied, well that's fab news for you guys, they always say 3rd time lucky πŸ€ I hope you get your bfp xx

  • I so wish the outcome was different! Very sorry to read this and hope you will both be shown much love and support xxx

  • Really really sorry to be reading this Lawmom, huge hugs xx

  • Sorry to hear this :( big hugs. X

  • I'm so sorry. It seems like none of us who cycled together this time have been successful. ☹️ sending you a great big hug

  • Oh hopeful we will get our bfps someday soon.thank you.hope you are holding up ok

  • Sorry to hear this. Bfns truly suck. Wishing you baby dust for the future πŸ€ x

  • Thank yoo Tugsgirl.they sure do suck .hope you are doing ok

  • I'm doing a bit better thank you x

  • So sorry to read this. I am hoping it is 3rd time lucky for us both xxxx

  • So sorry, glad you are seeing the positives and excited for your next cycle!x

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