Expected BFN πŸ‘ŽπŸ’•

Yesterday was our OTD (14dp5dt) and the bloods confirmed it's a BFN this time for us. I tested 11dp5dt on Sunday at home and had 2 x BFN so knew what to expect. 😝

We're obviously gutted but have had time to let it sink in and am pleased we tested early (but allowed time for HCG to get out my system) as I knew something was wrong with the fact I'd been bleeding etc. When it comes to testing make sure you're doing it/not doing it for your own reasons as it really is a personal choice and there is no right or wrong answer but we're pleased we tested early as it gave us time to accept it before asking lots of questions at the clinic.

We did everything we could but it just wasn't our time this time. The first cycle has given us lots of info and lessons learned for next time. My stims will be upped next time as I went to day 15 of stims and just made it took EC which collected 9 eggs and 4 became embryos. We had 1 embryo get to blastocyst so no frozen but at least we know we can produce an embie and get to ET. We're told the fact it was a BFN was just bad luck rather than anything else but we're looking into tests etc.

We have a follow up on 11 April and I'll be starting the pill to regulate my period and hopefully start stims on cycle 2 about a month after that. I have a big list of questions alreadyπŸ“‘ which the clinic answered some of yesterday. We are both going to live life β›·πŸ„πŸ‡πŸ‹a little more for a couple of weeks (I had a glass of wine and a couple of cocktails last night...they were gooooood!!! 🍷🍸🍸) and have started planning a holiday πŸŒžβ›΅βœˆ for the summer and we are selling my "let out" flat in April so have lots to keep us busy.

I have already had a little cry and let things out...I'm sure it isn't the end of that but I'm a planner and I need to plan things to have some sort of control over it all.... I'm sure some of you ladies understands this! 😊 This and being "positive" is my way of coping. πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

It's so unfair how we all put so much time and emotion (put our bodies through hell) 🐳 into IVF and get a BFN 😝😝😝 but it's life.... and we just have to get back on that horse.... keep the faith☝ and don't give up. My hub has been absolutely amazingπŸ’• and supported me through everything. We're closer than ever and it had strangely made us appreciate things more. I'm also looking forward to having a non bloated belly 🐳, feeling attractive again and giving my body a rest for a little while and then we'll hit it hard when the time comes!

Good luck everyone. Keep smiling and don't give up. Wishing us all lots of strength, hope and willpower.....This is not the end!!!

πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ Xxxxxxxx

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  • Lots of love to you kat your an inspiration to us all xxxxxx

  • So sorry you didn't get your wish. You have a great outlook on things and I am sure that will help you through xxx

  • So sorry to hear this. I really like how your staying positive, enjoy time with your hubby make the most of it 😊 Your time will come xx

  • Great attitude Kat and sorry things did not work out for you this time.

    As you say lots of positives and info to take on board for your next time.

    Enjoy your hols and all your other exciting plans.xxx

  • Aaah kat I'm sorry :(

  • Thanks ladies. Onwards and upwards.... xxx

  • Sorry to hear that but you sound like you have a plan for coping. That's a good strategy for you and hubby. Wish you some fun and many (more carefree/non ttc restrictive treats in the short-term; you both deserve a break. Then good luck for your next chance x

  • What a inspiration you are hun! Such sad news but you are using it to fight back, love it! Your giving me hope with your words! Lol to the cocktails! Your positivity will reflect your next cycle. Fantastic your making plans! Your time, in fact our time will come. xxx

  • It will hun. Stay strong xxx

  • I am sad for you Kat but loving your attitude. We sound so alike it's funny- I too am a planner and am a million miles an hour to keep busy too!! Enjoy your time off and you'll be raring to go again, this time for the real thing as this was just a practice run :) 😘😘

  • What a beautiful and positive outlook. xx

  • Thanks everyone for your replies, I'm really touched by what you've said. This forum is brilliant and the support we give each other is bloody awesome xxx

  • So sorry to hear this Kat. Your so full inspiration and hope and I admire you for that. Lots of love to you at this time petal xxxx

  • Thanks lovely, that's so nice of you 😊xxx

  • Sorry to hear this hun x us march ladies not had much luck xx got my consultant appointment Monday to discuss next steps ... i have a list of things I want now ... endo scratch ... blood tests to check my immune and why they triggered me after only 7 days of stims which meant I had 16 eggs but only 5 mature xx we will get there .... i was devastating but had a night out last night with girls and I feel back to my old self and ready to fight another day x it will happen xxx

  • Thanks hun. Hope you're ok too. Yes us March girls are down on our luck! Fingers crossed next time is our time! Hope your appointment goes well xxx

  • Oh no! :( so sorry to hear about your BFN. Really admire your positive attitude though! As you said, it is not our time this time but hopefully next time! We are waiting for May too for the next round so till then, you are absolutely right to enjoy life and make the most of it! Take good care and thanks for sharing so much positivity which definitely helps! xx

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