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Hi lovely ladies

Well, our first IVF cycle has ended with a negative outcome πŸ’” I had two 5 day blastocysts transferred which apparently were really good quality so I think subconsciously I had more hope than I was letting myself believe. The rest of the process went well too (better than we imagined) so I think that also adds to the disappointment πŸ˜•

We have one little embie frozen and my clinic advised we can start cycle no.2 after a third period which would be may, all being well.

I am also wondering if I have had a 'chemical' pregnancy because I had a number of symptoms of early pregnancy/implantation that tailed off then disappeared before my bfn but I guess I'll never know. I know some things can be confused with your period coming or the drugs but these are things I never usually experience so I can't help but wonder. Does anyone have experience of this? I know it doesn't change anything & maybe I'm being very naive but the thought that implantation is possible for us would be comforting.

I'm hope all you on your journeys have a bfp, goodness knows we deserve it!


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  • Oh hon

    It's really disappointing isn't it. I think we all go into this positive I know I did. Then we get a little realistic, jaded ;)

    You need time to recover both physical and emotionally.

    Be kind to yourself and hubby

    Fingers and toes crossed for next time xx

  • Thanks Hun, you do get jaded for sure although you've got to try and stay hopeful, it's hard isn't it.

    We are going to get life back on track (it certainly hasn't felt like our own πŸ˜•) enjoy it again and go on holiday before our fet. Thanks for your support xx

  • Aw I am really sorry, I know how you feel as we had our BFN this week. Big hugs xxx

  • Thanks button, hugs to you too 😘 How are you doing & what's next for you? Xx

  • We have decided to take some time out, booked lots of nice things to look forward to. We don't have any frozen so will be starting again, but are very fortunate to have another NHS cycle before we have to start self funding. We are going to have a follow up appointment to see if there is anything they can suggest. Also there's an open evening at another clinic we like,so we are going to that just to see if they can offer anything different to what we have done so far. What about you? X

  • Lots of love xxx

  • I'm so very sorry to hear about your bfn. On our first attempt, I tested early and had the faintest second line. Subsequent tests showed nothing or just shadows. I took comfort from the fact that even though it failed, it looks to have implanted.

    I am now 5 weeks pregnant after the second cycle. I had an endo scratch too which I think help the little bean/s snuggle in. I had a 2 day transfer of 2 a grade embryos.

    Good luck with the FET and take care x

  • Congratulations on your success Hun, lovely to hear. I have heard about the scratch so we will ask about it when we have our follow up. I know it's not recommended for a first IVF cycle but I'm not sure what other restrictions are, if any.

    Thanks for your reply xx

  • 😚 x x x

  • There is some suggestion that fet may work better because the hormones you've pumped into your body during ivf are not there in the fet process. Try to stay positive. Xx

    I'm now 19 weeks after my fet.

  • Lovely to hear a positive story & congratulations Hun, I will stay positive, just licking or wounds st the minute, so to speak! Thanks for your reply xx

  • Hi Georgina78,

    My first IVF round ended in a chemical pregnancy. I had sickness, achy boobs and no bleeding until day 13, where I had a small amount of spotting. I tested as advised by the clinic where it said 1 - 2 weeks pregnant and thought no more of it until the following day where I had a little more bleeding and went to The epu locally, who said my hcg levels were high but that was it. Something made me test around 5 days later and had a negative. Throughout I still believed I was pregnant as there wasn't enough blood to say it was AF, it was only when I wiped (sorry tmi).

    My clinic at the time weren't very supportive, I was 23 and just wanted to start a family that I had craved since meeting my husband and him having chemotherapy leaving us with no choice but IVF. It took me 5 months to go for the follow up consultation, which resulted in me getting rather angry because all the drs wanted me to do was start again and hand over money!

    Make sure you grieve, relax and write down any questions you have, I wish I had done that back in 2011. It's taken me a long time to get over it, as like I said, I believed I was pregnant and nobody was telling me anything different!

    Good luck on your future journey, sending you all the best wishes for you and your partner. Keep positive, it will work! You deserve it xxx

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