Hi everyone

Thank you for all your support and lovely messages unfortunately it's not my time to become a mum, never have had good luck lol.

I new deep down this was probably going to be the outcome as the embryologist didn't fill me with much confidence with there grades.

Held it together for my partner this morning but just dropped him to work and now having a good old cry!!

Will get my head together and then start thinking of how to get the money together to try again.

Again I would like to thank you all for being so supportive.

Good luck to all you future mummy's and to all the ladies in there 2ww and due to test πŸ€πŸ˜˜πŸ™


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  • So sorry to read this, after your kind words to me yesterday I was really hoping you would have good news. Take some time out and look after yourself xx

  • Omg I'm so so so sorry Emma, was thinking of you this morning. Frazier said then fine on know, but be strong, stay strong. Obviously it will take time, we are all here to support you ok

  • Thank you, I'm absolutely devastated I've never shaken so much as I did this morning holding that test!! Gutted!! X

  • So sorry to hear this. Big hugs to you. Take care of yourself x

  • Oh no hun, big hugs for you and ❀. I was thinking of u and hopping will all my heart that everything will be okay. So sorry for u lovely xxx❀❀❀

  • Really sorry to hear this Emma Jane. It is so disappointing. I hope you can take good care of yourself at this time. Sending you all the best wishes for the future. xx

  • Really sorry to read this. I hate seeing bfns on here. Take good care of yourself and better luck next time x

  • So sorry to read this☹️ Look after yourself and best of luck for the future x

  • So sorry to hear this, take care of yourself, big hugs xx

  • good heavens ...I'm extremely sorry for this. It's ok to cry, to express your feelings...Anyway, I'm so glad you won't stop trying! it's unfair that such procedures are so expensive. Are you going to stay at the same place? Maybe there are cheaper alternatives? Anyway, stay strong!! We are here to support each other...anytime. xxx

  • Thank you, to be fair I think I'm going to stay where I am only because they know my back ground due to my previous once having to be terminated etc, it's just so unfair the amount of bloody tax I pay for girls who get caught on one night stands and then choose not to work because they can drives me right up!!! I'm just angry and no one to take it out on.

    Will defiantly be getting the scratch next time tho xx

  • So sorry to hear this. Look after yourself. Thinking of you. x

  • So sorry Emma jane :( how very hard. Thinking of you xx

  • I'm so sorry to read this Emma, thinking of you and sending you big hugs xxxxxx Look after yourself xx

  • Aww sorry to hear this! Bfn is not easy!! I wish you luck at being able to get to a second cycle and fingers crossed next time will be the one- big hugs ️xx

  • And you too hunni 😘 Xxx

  • Sorry to hear this. Too many bfn's on this site recently. It is so hard on result day when you have so much hope. Hopefully they can learn from this cycle and get you that positive result next time. Hugs and best wishes xx

  • I'm so so sorry xx

  • So sorry to hear this, look after yourself xxx

  • So sorry to read this, don’t lose your hope, please, hold on, dear. We are with you. take care of yourself. We all are ready to give you a support. Wish you good luck!

  • So very sorry to hear this, stay strong and continue to remain positive xx

  • I am so sorry to hear this. Big hugs xx

  • I'm really sorry to hear this, I was looking out for your update in my news feed but as it never showed up I checked your profile.. don't hold back your emotions but let it all out so that you can become stronger and ready for the next cycle. Lots of comforting hugs xoxo

  • Aww bless you thank you, I had a good old cry when the nurse rang, and said I was ok to stop the drugs which meant it's defiantly all over 😒 Xx

  • Aw no so sorry πŸ˜“ sending you love stay strong xxx

  • i am really to sorry to hear, and totally know what you mean about the unfairness - this is a very cruel experience for anyone to go through.

    wishing you strength in the days ahead. be kind to yourself πŸ€—

  • So sorry to hear this.

    You take care ok xx

  • So so sorry to read this Emma! You have both been through so much. I've been thinking of you.xx

  • Always here for you babes πŸ’žπŸ˜˜ xxxxxxxx

  • 😘😘😘xxxxx

  • So sorry to hear this. Thinking of you xxx

  • Checked in as soon as I was home from work to see if you had updated as had genuinely been wishing to see you say BFP. My heart breaks for you, this process is just so so hard. We all want it so much, its such an urge. Please be kind to yourself and like the other girls said, let it all out and cry as much as you need to xx

  • Thank you Hun, that means a lot. I've had a good cry when the nurse rang and confirmed it's all over which just broke my heart. It's horrible I would never wish this on anyone I hope you are ok xxx

  • It really is , remember thinking I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Starting round today , really nervous . Hope you hava a bit of a better day today if possible X

  • oh thats brilliant well i wish you all the luck in the world hun and i will have every thing crossed for xxx

  • Oh no phone broke today and I been thinking of you and wanted to check on here at lunch but just checked now .gutted to see your post really gutted..sending so much love and hugs xxx

  • Aww bless you thank you so much, it's been a tough old day, no one ever prepares you for a fail, I wouldn't wish it in anyone. I hope you are well and ok Hun xxx

  • So very sorry...had everything crossed for a better outcome for you! Sending you loads of comforting thoughts xx

  • Just read your message Emma. I'm sorry! Today must be our unlucky day.

    I too had a good cry when I got home, feel better for it... now for next steps and holding our head up high and moving forward.

    Look after yourself.

  • It defiantly wasn't our day lovely, but we have all got wach other and we WILL get our dream we just now have to be strong and focus 😘 Xxx

  • So sorry Emma-Jane, I was really hoping for a positive outcome for you. Thinking of you at this time. Xx

  • Thank you Hun xxx

  • Sorry to read this Emma-jane-30, I was in the same boat a few weeks ago and did exactly the same as you, burst out crying at work and then ended up having to tell a colleague why. who was brilliant. I then ended up sitting with her pregnant friend at lunch who told me her's was an ivf baby and had numerous failed cycles to get to that point. I went home feeling relieved really as although we are all going through this journey together, it's mad that we all never meet, so was nice to see in reality world that it can work and gave me the hope I needed, so was greatful really for my breakdown in work. Mine too was'nt a brilliant embryo quality with a horreandous transfer. Cry as much as you want and just do whatever makes you feel better or anything that distracts your mind even if just for 10mins. Sending a big virtual hug your way xx

  • Thank you baby2016 , I have a circle of friends and 4of us have had to go through ivf which is crazy as you don't see it that often, but all of the now have there babies 2of them it worked first time and the other worked the second time and she has twins, so it's frustrating to know that I've now got to find the money and be around all my friends with there babies it's sad as I want to know why it's just not working for me lol but hay ho onwards and upwards. I hope your ok xxx

  • What an unusal circumstance to have that many friends also going through ivf, good for support at the time I can imagine, but hard when they have all now concieved. Keep having that hope, they reckon it can take the average woman 4 attempts. If its not worked for me by 40 (Nov) then I'm going to give DE a go, such a hard rollercoaster of a ride trying to have a baby isn't it! Xx

  • So sad to hear this, your time will come, you give lovely advice and I know it's only a message but yours to me exuded warmth. Have some rest time and cry it out, before getting back up (which you will )

    Love and strength to you 😘

  • Aww bless you GreenApples thank you for you lovely words, yes your right I will get back up, it just takes time, and I pray that 3rd time lucky will be my turnπŸ’•

    I hope you are doing ok? Xxx

  • Hey, i'm so sorry to hear this, let me know if you ever want to meet for a coffee and an offload. I remember this feeling all too well. xxx

  • Where abouts in devon do you live? Xx

  • Newton abbot xx

  • So so sorry to hear it didn't work out for you this time Emma. I hope you get a chance to grieve for your loss and look after yourself as best you can during this difficult time. I had a failed ivf last year and it is so devastating not to mention all the hormones that are going through your system at this point. Sending big hugs your way Xxx

  • Thank you moogs it is so hard but I hope to be able to move on from it soon. Have you had another go since? Xx

  • Yes I am actually am in the middle of my two week wait following my second IVF! I had a 2 day transfer on Friday so keeping fingers and toes and everything crossed for a BFP this time around. I was so gutted after my first IVF which was last May but I threw myself into my new job and moving house and having all that on was a great distraction for me.

    I would have liked to have done my 2nd round a bit sooner but I was waiting for a laparoscopy which I finally had in November through which I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I definitely felt like I needed a break though after the first round as it is so emotionally exhausting. This time if it doesn't work though I would like to try again a bit sooner.

    Sorry to hear about the negative feedback about your egg quality. In my first round I only ended up with one embryo to transfer and poor egg quality and I really didn't feel very hopeful at all after what the embryologist had said. This time I got two good quality embryo's to transfer so it feels much more positive whatever the outcome. So it shows that things can improve in that area with another go.

    Hope your doing ok and getting all the support you need

    Moogs xx

  • oh wow good luck for your nice BFP at the end of it. i have everything crossed for you lovely.

    when is your test date?

    well i have my follow up appointment soon and will get prices etc and hopefully get going again. and what a fab result for your embies in the quality side of things.


  • Thanks lovely. My test date is next Wednesday which feels so far away!! I hope your review is helpful xx

  • I'm so sorry that it has not worked this time xx

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