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Do follicles still grow in between the trigger injection and EC?

I had my 3rd scan today and am booked into EC Wednesday morning! I have 17 follicles in my right ovary and 9 follicles in my left ovary. However, only 2 follicles are 18mm and I have about 6 follicles between 14-17mm. The rest are below 14mm.

The told me this morning that my EC would either be Wednesday or Thursday. They did a blood test to check my estrogen levels and I received a call back this afternoon saying that my EC will be on Wednesday, which I guess means my estrogen levels are high and they are worried I may develop OHSS (or already have developed a mild case!), so they want to do EC sooner than later. I have to say I feel slightly disheartened as I was hoping for EC on Thursday so I could have at least another dosage of Gonal F and so my follicles under 18mm could have another boost. Instead, I'm now taking my trigger shot tonight which I definitely didn't prepare myself mentally for beforehand.

Does anyone know if follicles still grow after the trigger injection? Just hoping my follicles under 18mm will still grow between now and Wednesday morning.....

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Oh they definitely do! The trigger makes them grow and mature. I triggered with only one over 18 and ended up with 15 eggs, 10 of which became fertilised and 8 high quality blasts. So don't you worry!


Thanks Gueritarubia! Your feedback has made me feel a lot better! I have EC tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed mine have also grown since yesterday. 🤞 x


Good luck tomorrow and let me know how it went! X


Yes - I went up from 9 on track the right size to 11 and then the doctor found two more on the day of collection so 13 in total, so they weren't even measuring before! Good luck x


Wow Skatty!!!! That's amazing!!! Thanks so much for letting me know and that has made me feel a lot better. I have EC tomorrow morning, so I'm just trying to stay as calm as possible and not to stress. xx


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