Heat between Trigger and EC - or other boosters? Advice needed!

I'm on my third cycle of IVF and after last year's miscarriage so scared this will not work out. I had a very good second scan with 8 follicles last Monday (previously ever only had three!) but on Wednesday they told me they had stopped growing and started discussing the consequences of cancelling the cycle. All follicles were just under 10mm (18mm required for EC). I was devastated. I however drank lots of milk, upped my protein intake despite feelings nauseous and not hungry at all and kept my tummy warm with a magnetic heat belt. There was mixed information about the heat belt (definitely not recommended after EC or during pregnancy) but I didn't have any heat pads or a hot water bottle. I felt bloated and tight like never before. Yesterday's scan showed a miracle - the follicles had grown up to 16-18mm in just two days! So I'm taking a double trigger tonight (expect diarrhoea, nausea and pain, I was told, on the top of the discomfort, nightmares and palpitations I already have πŸ˜”), and have my EC on Monday. I know heat is big no-no after EC and first trisemester but what about during trigger and EC? Anyone have any advice or experience on that? Also, does anyone use any "boosters" during the 2ww? Just in case I will get that far.. this is such a hard time and I'm on my own, so any advice or tips would be very welcome!

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  • If you had more time I would say to try Accupunture. I used heat right up until EC but no heat, including baths, in your 2WW. Just take it easy in the 2WW. Rest as much as poss, get a good sleep and eat well.

    Good luck x

  • Thanks Loobee.. hope you had a good experience and result xoxo

  • Hi Nesfin. Just hoping that all goes/has gone well with egg collection today. Make sure you drink plenty of water and have a good rest afterwards. If you are warm and comfortable, then you shouldn't need any extra heat. Any tummy ache after, just take some paracetamol, but I would keep away from anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen. Thinking of you. Diane

  • The dreaded phone call!!! All went well on yesterday; they saw 8 follicles and collected 6 successfully under local anaesthetic. Just had a phone call that all 6 have been fertilised and expecting day 3 transfer on Thursday.. I'm so excited, and fingers crossed they will all continue to grow so that I would have some to freeze.. but they are very cautious about this so I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much; after all the bad news can hit any time (I haven't forgotten the immense physical and emotional pain of MC) - so one milestone at the time!

  • Update: had D5 transfer today - one AA and one BA, and at least one B for freezing, maybe more (TBC tomorrow). The dreaded 2ww wait has begun!! Unfortunately so have my palpitations that I had during my stimms. Feel like my heart is beating in my throat every time I lie down. Will wait for a few days before contacting the clinic. They already took one EGC before my EC - which showed nothing - and just put it down to stress (both emotional and physical). I've read they can be caused by the extra effort your heart is going through to pump blood into your uterus.. This is my third cycle and I didn't have them before. They go away with one Diazepam but I really want to avoid any drugs that could harm the conception. Anyone had this? Any tips? I'm single with no local friends so this forum keeps me sane.. xoxo

  • well done on getting your 2 embies back on board, just want to wish you luck and hope you get your bfp at the end xxx

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