Scan update - will remain positive

Hi all, had a scan today.

Still have 7 clear follicles. Measurements are;

Right - 11,7,15

Left - 13,9,12,16

Nurse definitely thinks I'll have 3 over 18mm by EC.

She also thinks my EC may be Friday now. I have a scan Wednesday to decide that etc.

I have low amh so hoping I at least get a few eggs and that one is successful!

Here's hoping x

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  • Wishing you lots of best wishes Allie, may the gods be shining on you

  • Good luck hun!!! Is this your first scan? I have my first scan on Friday. Ii am nervous aswell to see how many follicles I will have after taking 450 IU of Bemfola xx

  • Hi no number 2 since my initial cycle day 2 scan.

    I was on 300 gonal f for 4 days but was upped to 400 on Friday gone. Been on cetrotide since Friday too.

    I just have to keep remembering that as long as I have one lovely egg that survives the whole process

    Hope your scan goes ok


  • Thanks hun :) I have no idea what to expect for Friday will just keep my fingers crossed! Good luck to you to. And you are right it only takes 1 egg. Best of luck xx

  • Hi. Glad to see things are going well for you. Keep your stomach warm, I carried hot water bottle around of a few days and follicles were lovely xxx

  • Hi Hun I use one in evening after injection and in bed before I sleep. Is that enough do you think xxx

  • I would use it all day if you can. I took small one to work, my work have been great. Keep refilling it aswell. Don't use it when eggs have been retrieved though xxxx

  • Ah I'm a teacher so a bit hard to do that lol!

    One of my ovarys are really angry today so it's telling me!!!! It's where I have the 16! X

  • When is next scan? Do you drive? Use it on way to and from work and then when you get in house. It done wonders for me. Eggs are good aswell. Yeah I felt ridiculously bloated and had egg collection day after xxx

  • That's a good plan! Have one right now after you said πŸ‘πŸ»

    Yes I'll do on the drive that's such a good idea!!!

    Scan Wednesday and maybe told EC Friday then.

    Have you been successful on this then? X

  • I miscarried on fresh cycle and had 1 egg frozen. In in 2 week wait now with Frozen transfer. It is an awful emotionally draining time but hoping it's worth it xxxx

  • Aw Hun really really hope it works out for you. It is worth it.

    Yes I've heard the 2ww is draining alright. Hopefully work will keep my mind off of it! I'm so busy when in work so it should. Just need to try not get stressed and shouty lol x

  • Good luck to you all the best xxxx

  • Good luck πŸ€ Keeping everything crossed for you πŸ‘πŸΌ X

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