Last menopur injection & trigger shot today.... EC Monday

I've been for my last scan today & they have confirmed EC for Monday, they require 3 follicules for EC above 18 which I have, possibility the others will grow between now & Monday as yesterday I had measurements of 20,18,15,13,11,10

Today I have 3 over 18 & 1 more has grown also my folicule measuring 15 must have grown to over 18 in 24 hours so meets the hopefully my others grow between now & Monday , I've been told to do my menopur injection early today & trigger shot at 11pm. Hopefully early menopur today & trigger shot gives them a boost, ready for Monday πŸ˜€Xx

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  • Exciting times!!! Good luck for Monday!! Remember to drink lots and lots of water all the time especially after ec xxxx

  • Thank you so much, hot water bottle at the ready to hopefully help with the last bit of growth xx

  • Good luck for Monday! Wishing you lots of good eggs! I had my Ec yesterday and like you my follicles were varying sizes and they managed to get eight good eggs! Five of which were fertilised are growing! Xxx

  • Thank you, I'm hoping my smaller ones catch up by Monday, did you get a calls 24 hours after egg collection? Fingers crossed my follicules grow in the next 48 hours to give a better chance at collection xx

  • Yeah they phoned this morning to tell me about how many they fertilised and how many are developing! Said they would phone back on Monday with further updates on their progress so fingers crossed they do good Iver weekend fir potential transfer on Wednesday xxx

  • Sounds like your going for 5 day transfer, fingers crossed for you. I think it's going to be nerve racking between EC & that first call. Xx

  • Yeah hopefully they did at appointment yesterday chance if 3 day transfer but will find that out on Monday, think it just depends how well they develop and how many survive the developing stage! It is nerve racking but try to relax and get plenty rest xxx

  • Hi did you receive a call yesterday I'm back for ET in the morning xx

  • Yeah eventually after me phoning first! ET is tomorrow too! they say I've got four good eggs so hopefully by tomorrow we can freeze some too 😁 thanks for thinking of me 😁 good luck for tomorrow! xxx

  • Good luck for Monday! xx

  • Thank you I really appreciate it x

  • Good luck for Monday! πŸ™‚ Xxx

  • Thank u so much x

  • Good Luck for Mon & pleased to see you had a week of good follie growth after increased stims! 😊

    I had some good growth by y'day, still 7 but they're growing!! Next scan Mon....praying we're closer to the 17/18 size and then EC poss Wed!! πŸ™

    Wishing u all the best for Mon!! πŸ€xx

  • How many days have you been stimulating now? Hot water bottles at the ready & complete self reflexology ....every little helps to get the last bit of growth xx

  • Tonight's will be day 12! 😳 If EC is 2 extra stimm days than pland! Y'day had 1 at 15 and the others were 10/11 so hoping for another growth spurt by Mon!! πŸ€ Had some more acupuncture y'day & hot water bottle has nvr seen so much action!! xx

  • Mine tooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, I'm exactly the same today is day 12. Are you taking menopur? Xx

  • πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚ no Gonal F & cetrotide!!

    You feeling ready for EC? πŸ€I'm pretty anxious but tryn to take 1 day at a face Mon's scan first and then think about Wed! 😳xx

  • Oh ok just wondered as they upped my menopur to double which I think helped. Yes & no I was hoping for more follicules but it's quality over quantity so fingers crossed xx

  • I'm already on highest Gonal F due to my age (39) & slightly elevated FSH! 😳

    Absolutely as everyone keeps saying, quality over quantity now!! Will be keeping everything crossed for you for successful EC on Mon!! πŸ€xx

  • Hope your scan went well this morning? Xx

  • Thank you!! Went ok, going in right direction but slowly!! 9 follicles, only 7 a decent size: 1 at 20, 5 at 15 and 1 at 13!! Leaving me 2 more days on Stims, so scan on Wed again and EC Fri!! I can't help but feel all this stim can't be good!! 😏

    How did you get on today?! Hope all went well? 😊xx

  • Try to trust there judgement, I know it's hard but hopefully they know best. I had EC this morning, they managed to collect 3 I was hoping my others would have grown but sadly not, however 1 was 21 in size on Saturday therefore I think they needed to collect today as this would have put the larger follicules at risk if I'd waited any longer. Currently waiting for the call tomorrow with an update x

  • Totally trying to trust them & the med's as they say, so tough tho!!

    Try and stay positive as we said quality over quantity and they could be 3 golden eggs!! 😊 Wishing you best of luck for tomorrow!! x

  • Wishing you the best of luck. Grow follicles grow :) xx

  • Thank you, I'm hoping they have a little growth spurt the weekend.... hot water bottles & walks for today.... & a little bit of self reflexology later πŸ™‚ xx

  • Sounds like an excellent plan. It's amazing how much difference a couple of days can make and sounds like you are doing all the right things xx

  • Good luck for monday and lots of pampering required afterwards :) x

  • Thank you, I really appreciate it xx

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