Update on 2ww, 6dpt and first sight of spotting despite being on drugs that supposedly hold off bleeding. Advice needed x


I'm currently 6days past my FET and for the first time I have noticed some spotting. This occurred around the time my utrogestan pessary and progynova tablet was due. Since taking the medication it has worn off again but I know it's going to make a reappearance.

I was told by the clinic that these drugs would prevent any breakthrough bleeding, so why am I bleeding? My only guess is that it's either AF or miscarriage and the drugs are keeping it at bay?

My last cycle started with a positive test, however at 7dp5dt I started spotting which is just a day later than this cycle. The pregnancy continued until I miscarried at around 9/10 weeks.

I'm now feeling as though it's the end of the road for me. I've had no symptoms whatsoever which makes me feel as though it is AF

Anyone else had similar experience on a FET?? Xx

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  • Oh Tara, what a worry. I've no FET experience and am only 2dp3dt so no personal experience to help, but I've read so many stories on here of spotting and then successful pregnancies. I really hope it's a late implantation bleed for you and all is well. 🀞

  • I really hope so too. It just feels like it's happening all over again. My cycle was the same time last year as well bar 1 week x

  • It could be implantation bleeding, hang in there and try and stay positive xx

  • Thanks Button, it just feels like dejavu, either that or its coincidental x

  • Everything crossed for you xxx

  • Hey embie buddy. Unfortunately I am new to this so not sure. But have seen many tales of spotting and still getting a bfp. I feel pretty pre menstrual and that's it. No preg symptoms. Not sure if that's good or bad. Sending you lots of good vibes. Look after yourself. X

  • Hi there, it's sounded good so far for you! Keep up the good work haha! I'm gonna try and remain chilled out about it all however it's gonna be a knicker watch from now on lol x

  • Hahaha knicker watch....am with you there....it's all so scary...all the uncertainty and possibilities! Keeping all crossed for us! Xx

  • I don't have any experience of the drugs you're on but after I got bfp with my fet I had quite a heavy bleed (new red blood not spotting) about a week after otd and assumed it was miscarriage and we'd reached the end of the road. My first scan at 6 weeks was already booked for a few days later at which point they found a happy healthy heartbeat. Sometimes there is bleeding in early pregnancy. I always think it ain't over til it's over, try to keep the faith for now x

  • Thanks dear. I'm going to try and chill out and remain hopeful until Saturday albeit a long wait x

  • Sorry to hear you're so worried. Do you have the option to ring your clinic for some additional reassurance tomorrow?

  • Thanks Lizzie, I spoke to them today and they just said to try and not worry and wait until test day as it's too soon to tell the cause of the bleeding x

  • Aw it's so hard isn't it?!

  • Yh it is. How u feeling since transfer?

  • I'm ok thanks. Let the waiting crazies begin for me.

  • We'll be right with you along the way. Do keep us posted. Wishing u all the best x

  • And I you xx

  • Ah horrible isn't it... 8 days after ET I bled red blood like period starting, more than spotting and bright... I thought it hadn't worked... Was attempt 5, was upset, left work and went home to rest... Did pregnancy test that came up positive... Basically I'm now 13 weeks pregnant.. What it was. Was a haematoma and quite common... So your spotting does not mean that its failed... Got everything crossed for you.. Lots of love Jackie x xx

  • Thanks for this, congratulations on your pregnancy, hope it's going well for you!

    The bleeding hasn't made a reappearance since however I can't help but think about what happened last time plus the fact that my embryo was not a good quality xx

  • Thank you.. So far so good but this my fifth round so hasn't come to me easily.. I miscarried on rounds 2 and 3 after spotting so that's why I thought it over this round.. Can't relax sadly can we for one minute.. I still rush to loo as feel like bleeding. Think pessaries! Well will be thinking of you and have everything crossed for you xxx

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