Help!? Confused!!

Morning peeps!

Okay so I was due to start my period on Friday and I am due to begin my FET cycle this month as well. The drugs are arriving today and I wasn't expecting to start until Friday. My periods have always been regular, every 27-28 days.

So this morning I go to the toilet and wipe to find red blood?? I wipe again and the same. It is still light but then again my periods usually start very light like spotting and then by day 2 it's full flow.

I did a pregnancy test just incase miraculously fell pregnant and it's negative.

I'm now so confused, has my cycle suddenly messed up? Am I pregnant, is this implantation bleed? Or is this early miscarriage which would mean my FET cycle can't go ahead? Or is it just my cycle messing up which means I can go ahead early??

Anyone had this experience? Please help!! Xxxx

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  • Now the bleeding has stopped, what's happening?

  • Hi Tara2016. Most of us have a period that is not quite on time, and it is quite normal to be like that. You've done a pregnancy test, so you know you're not pregnant, so I would think you can go ahead with your FET. Have a chat with your clinic just to confirm all is well. Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane, I called the clinic and just waiting for them to call back but probably won't be until the end of the day. The spotting has started again. The pregnancy test was negative but isn't it too early to detect as I'm not due on until Friday?

  • Hi Tara2016. An early prediction strip should pick up a pregnancy. Diane

  • That's what I thought but I did a digital one as that was all they had in the shop and it wasn't first pee of the day and don't think I had enough flow to keep it in stream for 5 seconds so not feeling convinced I got the accurate result? X

  • Hi. You can obviously try again. God luck! Diane

  • Will try again tomorrow, just need to try and relax until then x

  • I'm sorry I can't advise you medically but I do think you should contact your clinic and speak to a nurse who maybe able to advise you.

    I do sympathise with you- my cycles are all over the place it's beyond frustrating( fortunately we aren't trying-otherwise such a head mess isn't it ) Luckily I had an appointment with our consultant and I was able to talk to my consultant about it-even he didn't have the answers there and then!!!But has booked me to have a lap.( As part of further fertility investigations-not coz of my erratic cycles)

    I do hope you get to the bottom of it. It's awful when our bodies do things out of the ordinary.


  • Thanks Jess, it's just awful timing as well. I've always been regular so don't understand why it would mess up now? I'm also worried that it's too early for pregnancy test as I'm not due on until Friday?

  • Maybe your clinic could arrange a blood test to be sure either way? X

  • That's an idea... I will ask them if they think it necessary x

  • How did you get on lovely? X

  • Hi Jess, it turned out to be my period after all. So I've started my drugs for my FET cycle. Hoping it goes well x

  • Oh god sweet I'm so sorry. I was so hopeful for you. It's awful when our bodies "trick" us. Many times I've been fooled. At least you know you can safely continue with the fet (not that that is much consolation). All the very best with the fet- truly wish you two magicial lines on your test. I've heard fet are very successful as there is less pressure on the body than a fresh cycle. For some people that works better. X

  • Thanks hun! Yeah it's typical how our bodies work. Everything was going smoothly up until that point but fingers crossed it will be okay x

  • Maybe your frozen embryo was meant to be and its fate .🐣x

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