Yes I caved, wasn't going to admit it but hey 😁 I however now have some insight

So this morning I caved and tested at 7dp FET. A got a faint positive HOWEVER... this is how my last miscarriage started. I was testing positive until I finally miscarried at 9 weeks so in my eyes a positive test means nothing until the scan.

This cycle however differs from the last because I'm on different drugs which are supposed to prevent bleeding. Last cycle I had some bleeding.

Yesterday and again today I had some very faint, and I mean extremely faint hint of blood when wiped (cringes at the public TMI..sorry) but only very briefly as well.

Now today I've had cramps, menstrual type pains pretty much all evening. It feels like I have a hot water bottle inside my womb..random I know

All of this therefore tells me that history has repeated itself. I think the drugs are just holding off the inevitable.

Im not sure how I feel right now other than frustrated I can't fast forward life and have an outcome!!

This sucks 😣😣 xx

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  • A faint positive is a step in the right direction though, and cramps could mean anything at this stage. ain't over til it's over! Fingers crossed x

  • totally agree with DC5867! Hang on in there and we will keep fingers and toes crossed with you... xx

  • Thanks ladies xx

  • Period cramps convinced me I was out and I didn't test on the back of it as couldn't cope with seing another neg and I held off until I was 6 weeks and got a +

    Bleeding could be implantation

    It's not over till it's over!!

    (Whispering congrats)

    🎈 πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ€


  • It's so hard to know what our bodies are doing. I just can't be bothered with it today lol I'm gonna ignore it and perhaps test again tomorrow to see if the test gets fainter or darker x

  • Hi Tara2016

    Your OTD is a few days away still isn't it? So the feint positive is a good thing. Tentative congratulations to you! Stay strong xx

  • Thank you, not long now until otd so may have a better idea of what's going on then x

  • Hey Hun try and remain calm :) just another few days until your official test day :) just out of interest, were you on lubion progesterone injections? Xx

  • Thanks hun, I am taking pessaries and progynova tablets both 3x daily x

  • Hi Tara

    The 2ww is the worst.... I tested at 7dpt and ours was fet too...

    Honestly just hang in there, stay calm and chilled and just do nothing...

    Give your body lots of treats and try to not stress too much (so easy to say, so hard to do)

    Wishing you so much luck for test day xx

    Holly x

  • Thanks Holly, I'm just wanting to get this week over with lol x

  • I think it looks like a good sign, fingers crossed for your OTD xxx

  • Thanks hun x

  • Looks like it's going on the right direction, not long til OTD now xxx

  • I really hope so x

  • It does look promising Tara, completely understand your worries and reservations but really hoping it's just a late implantation bleed. Everything crossed for you. X🀞

  • Thank you although it's come back again and I've tested a faint positive so think it's past implantation now so guess I will just have to wait and ride this out x

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