Period one week into 2ww

Had a few days to get used to the fact that my FET using our 2 remaining embryos does not seem to have worked. Had been so positive and calm and done everything right. Then woke up with a bit of a temperature and sore throat Thursday, as if fighting off a cold. That went by evening but then the spotting started which has got worse and is now a bleed. They've told me to carry on with the meds as they are as I'm already on the max possible progesterone (2 x 400mg cyclogest daily plus the lubion injection).

I was hoping so much that it was implantation bleeding but I don't think it would be this much or for this long.

What I don't understand is exactly what this bleed is? My pink pad app tells me that yesterday is when my period was due if it weren't for IVF, so does this mean that the drugs to suppress my natural cycle haven't worked and this is like a normal period? or is it break through bleeding because my womb didn't recognise the embryos and hasn't got a reason to stay intact?

There seems to be so much explanation for what the drugs are meant to do, and I had total faith in them, but not so much on reasons when they don't, and now I'm at a total loss as to what's going on. I feel like I'm coping ok emotionally at the moment, but worried what will happen to me physically and emotionally when I stop all the drugs on Tuesday, just as I go back to work! I remember feeling inhuman last time, really shouldn't have been at work with how low I felt, it was so difficult to just talk normally to people, but I can't really take any more time off.

Sorry for the long post. Hope ladies out there are having much better luck xxx

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  • Awww. You poor thing. I can understand that this process does take so much out of you. I have read here that many of the ladies get a bleed during the 2ww but go on to get positive results.

    Please try not to rule everything out until you have had a blood test confirming everything.

    In the meantime continue to stay calm as you have been because being strong is what has got you this far.

    Sometimes we underestimate how strong this process has made us so you should be very proud of yourself sweetheart. xx

  • Thanks so much sunny skies. I love your name!! I won't get a blood test but the formal stick test is Tuesday- very difficult to imagine it being positive as feels like my whole body is in period mode now but won't give up on them while there's any chance. Thanks for your kind words. Xx

  • i m so sorry to know that u r in this situation...i wish it might b ur implantation test day is also Tuesday n i m so scared...i saw spotting while wiping today then nothing til now...but getting period pain on n off since last friday evening....its so stressful journey but try to b positive til the OTD...

  • Thank you. You too, all the very best of luck to you for Tuesday ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi Cmat. I think all you can do at the moment is to hang on to the fact that you had 2 embryos transferred. You may well have lost one, but hopefully No 2 is still there. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi Diane, I can't quite believe it but since yesterday there has been a very faint second line! I've still got the spotting and with the amount I've bled the clinic have said the faintness of the line may not be a good thing, but my hope has returned. They are taking it as a BFP and doubling my estradiol from 4 tablets to 8 which surprised me, do you know why this is? Keeping the progesterone the same- 2 pessaries and the injection. Thanks so much for the support, I'll do a proper post in a couple of days xx

  • Hi Cmat. Well, it's looking more positive - thank goodness!.. The estradiol is just to support your own oestrogen production, which is normally increased when any bleeding occurs. I do hope that all continues to go well. Maybe a Beta hCG blood test will reassure you further? Worth asking about. Diane

  • Maybe u need more dose of medicine..everyone s different n reacts to medicine differently..I wish everything s normal n u get ur happiness...

  • And to you lovewinspain. Hope you're doing ok xx

  • I m good dear...I wish everything goes well with you...Good Luck.

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