Ovulation devices

Hi lovley ladies, have any of you tried ovusense or similar devices that you would recommend? I'm due to have IVF after Summer but still want to try everything I can whilst I'm waiting, just not sure if they are worth the money. Hubby has low sperm count and I have low AMH and an irregular & extremely light cycle though consultant said natural pregnancy still achievable. Any advice welcome. Thank you. Xx

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  • Hi, I used the clear blue digital ones for ages- they are quick expensive but I used to buy them on Amazon in bigger packs- it cost about £30-£40 and that lasted 2 months usually ️xx

  • I've just purchased an AVA fertility bracelet. Pricey but I was fed up with the clear blue kits x

  • There's ovulation test strips on Amazon (like cheapo pregnancy tests) that work perfectly well. You can buy a hundred strips for less than a tenner. If I remember correctly the company supplying is called Home Health or something along those lines. Good luck!

  • Search "one step wide ovulation strips" on amazon for the cheapie strips, they work brilliantly for me, and the wider ones are much easier to read x

  • I use them too! X

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