Here we go again.... Bleeding after bfp

Ladies I honestly don't think I can do this anymore!

BFP was 18/04 after FET and today I should be about 6 weeks along. I've been away with the hubby this weekend as a treat following treatment, yesterday I noticed pink discharge when I went to the bathroom (sorry if TMI...) and I had lower back pain. Today there's more of a reddish/brownish discharge, more than yesterday but still not enough for a pad and I have some cramping going on.

I've not had many symptoms other than sore boobs, so I don't expect this pregnancy will continue. I'm devastated.

I think the cyclogest is just keeping it at bay... I hate having to go through this torture.

I have an appointment with the recurrent miscarriage clinic on Tuesday morning anyway so hopefully they can scan me or do my bloods to see what's going on/confirm what I fear is my fourth miscarriage, FOURTH, I can't believe it, life is just cruel.


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  • Oh no :-(

    There aren't any words to make things seem better at the mo.

    I've got everything crossed for you and hope for the best

    We are all here for you x

  • I really hope it isn't! Keeping my fingers crossed that everything is ok despite the spotting 🤞 Keep us posted xx

  • Thinking of you... hope it's not what you fear most... hug!

  • It must be hard but try and stay positive. Brown blood is always old blood and therefore less concerning than fresh red blood. Everything crossed for you that everything is fine. Thinking of you xxx

  • Oh no sprinkles don't give up tho yet until you know for sure xx

  • Oh no Hun, I hope u r wrong!! Keeping everything crossed for you!!! Sending u love & hugs xxx

  • Everything crossed for you sprinkles xx

  • Sprinkles I hope and pray that things are ok on Tuesday and its not what you fear.

    It will seem impossible but try to remain calm and rest until then.

    Thinking of you, lots of love xx

  • Oh god I'm keeping everything crossed for you xxx

  • I really hope things are not what you think...I am sorry you are so (understandably) distressed. 😢 Hang in there. Sending love and hugs xxx

  • Oh no this is is horrible! Big hugs that everything is okay. Hang in there xxx

  • Oh no, I do feel for you. I hope and pray all is well in there. Xx

  • I really hope it isn't what you think. Stay strong, 2 of my pregnant friends had bleeding at this stage and past it, one even inserted a tampon because of it....1 baby has since been born and the other is due any time now. I hope yours will be a similar story xx

  • I hope everything is ok hun, when i did my first cycle i had a bit of blood after i found out i was pregnant and everyhing was absolutely fine they said it was old blood my son is now 1 years old and were going for our second round xx

  • Hoping for the best for you must be so frustrating but dont give up yet.miracles do happen here all the time .it could be part of the implantation process

  • Oh no sprinkles I really hope it isn't and is just a blip 😟 Everything crossed for you xx

  • Thanks everyone there's a little more this morning but seems to be following the same pattern as previous ones. Really thought this was the one. Thanks everyone for your kind words xxxx

  • So sorry 😔 Xx

  • 😞 xx

  • So so sorry to hear this sprinkles X

  • Everything crossed for you. x

  • So sorry to hear this!😔Really hope it's not over for you!xx

  • I hope everything will be OK. So sorry to hear. Xx

  • Thinking of you and praying for good news xoxo

  • I'm so sorry you are going through this, I hope all is still okay x

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