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Here we go again!


Hey ladies!

So FET Transfer day is finally here. It feels like a life time ago since my miscarriage in January.

My friends ask me how I'm feeling about today... and I just don't know, I don't really feel anything. I'm not excited or scared, nervous or calm. Maybe it's my coping mechanism for everything I've been through & may go through again. It's quite a strange feeling really. One thing I do know is that I'm dreading the waiting & waiting!

This is my first & only Frozen cycle as we only had 2x extra that got to blastocyst stage. So fingers crossed that my pumpkins (collected on Halloween! 😁) thaw successfully & then we've at least started on a positive!

I'm wishing all of you lots of love & luck wherever you may be in your journey.

Becky xxx

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Good luck lovely. I know exactly how you feel. Miscarried in February and in about a month will be getting transfer. I feel a numbness I think to but agree coping mechanism. I’m scared to feel anything especially hope. It’s so difficult and no right or wrong way. I have everything crossed for you. Good luck xxx

Becky179 in reply to Snuggles144

Thankyou very much & good luck to you too. Xx

Good luck, hope it all goes well xx

Good luck!!!!!! x

Becky179 in reply to emu2016

Thank you xxx

Oh lovely this journey is so difficult, even more so with a miscarriage 💔 I had a chemical pregnancy last year and it’s devastating you never forget😪 so sorry for your loss .

Anyway it’s slways good to have a plan to follow 😊 and I’ve got everything crossed that this is your time. “Taking the silver lining from a dark cloud it is positive you have conceived” that’s what our consultant said yesterday and I thought it was beautiful 💗 xoxo

Becky179 in reply to jess1981

That is lovely! Thankyou very much. Xx

Good luck Becky, hoping today goes really well for you. Best wishes also for a positive outcome xx

Becky179 in reply to Dunla

Thank you xxx

Thankyou everyone! They both survived thawing! So all good for 12pm 🤞🎃🎃🤞. Xx

Dunla in reply to Becky179

Oh that’s great news! Such a relief for you. Good luck for 12pm and the two weeks ahead x

Hey Becky, just wanted to wish you loads of luck! Its hard waiting for the next time to come around but you've done it!xx

Becky179 in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks hon. And the waiting will begin again! Xx

Cinderella5 in reply to Becky179

God I know, waiting, waiting and more waiting....urrghhhh!! ha ha ha xx

🤗🤗🤗 it has started! Wishing you & your pumpkins every bit of luck! Xx

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