First baseline scan today! 😏

So today was my first baseline scan...not that it was worth going for.

After being put on the pill to induce a bleed (even though my periods are regular) this has so far - not worked. So today was a waste of time. I finished the pill 6 days ago & as period.

Called the clinic to advise them, was told to still go in for my appt & speak to the nurse. Told her I obviously hadn't started- she said she'd scan me anyway (why...I'm unsure)

Everything looked 'normal' my lining was measuring 7 mm -nurse said it needs to be between 3mm and 4mm to start treatment.

So now I am waiting around for period to begin so I can book in for another scan.

Always something 😀😀😀

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  • The waiting for the next stage drives us nuts. Sorry you are having to hang on even longer.

    Hopefully it arrives soon. Its nuts we never want them and then when we do!!


  • It really does doesn't it. I've had this appointment booked for 4 weeks now, typically my body does not play ball πŸ€”

    The one time I want my period and it's going to keep me hanging for as long it see's fit 😀

    So annoying!xx

  • Hang on in there, im sure it wont be far away xx

  • Fingers crossed it won't be. I would have been due on today on my natural cycle as well but as I've had the pill I imagine that will have thrown it all out of sync now πŸ˜₯ xx

  • Good luck for the rest of your cycle to run smooth xx🌈❀

  • Thankyou!! Fingers crossed it does xx

  • Hi Jadep01

    I had my scan yesterday and this same happen to me. My lining was too thick 10 mm. Need to carry on with injection for one more week. I know is so frustrating, stay positive we will get there :) xx

  • Thankyou!

    I've started spotting today so hoping to get a scan booked in for over the weekend and a start date 😊

    Best of luck with yours xx

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