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Had my baseline scan this morning and looking like I have 15 follicles which may seem a small number to some people but I was told from the scan before treatment started that I would only be looking at a maximum of 10. We are egg sharing so every one counts that bit more. Had to have a blood test as they could see a small pocket of fluid and wanted to check my hormone level so sitting waiting for a phone call from the clinic to confirm that I start stimms tomorrow morning. Very few people know that we are doing IVF so I thought i'd share my joy on here instead. Today is also my birthday- best birthday ever I think.

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  • Hi MrsTM13 Happy Birthday!

    I am in the same situation as you are. I had a scan this morning too, but have only 3 follicles. I need to keep taking the drugs to hopefully have more...

    Same as for you, no one knows around us we are going through this! I have another scan on Friday, and possibly Monday to see the progress.This is our first round!

    Fingers crossed all goes well for you!

  • 15 follicles is fantastic! Aw I hope you get the call telling you to start your injections. Like you say best birthday ever. I bet you feel great cos you're actually doing something instead of all the waiting around we have to endure as part of our ivf journeys. I was the same i didn't tell many folk either. Happy Birthday & good luck on your journey πŸ’œ x x

  • Happy birthday. 15 follicles sounds good, you want quality rather than quantity.

    We'll be using donor eggs/egg sharing on our 3rd round, a lady like you could help fulfil our wish to be parents.

    Wishing you all the best with EC and your treatment.

  • Clinic rang and confirmed I can start stimm injections tomorrow. So excited go be progressing to the next stage. Down regulating feels like it has taken forever and the side effects have been horrendous but all worth it now. I have my next scan on Thursday next week to see if they've grown sufficiently. I know there is a long way to go but is such a relief that finally something is going right. X

  • Happy birthday MrsTim and wish you good luck for this cycle xx

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