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Another crap day on the rollercoaster

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So in last chance saloon. Feeling crap and bloated all week as follicles were doing well but didn't feel like real cycle being on clomid only. Day of trigger found out that the top notch consultant we should have been flying to see in Auckland was actually in Australia at her daughters graduation! Had to cancel flights and then give in and go ahead with our usual clinic.

EC today and only got one egg from 6 follicles. I was slightly in la la land on the drugs but I thought everyone seemed very quiet. They got the one egg only after flushing the last follicle. Felt depressed and even my overly optimistic consultant was subdued. Then, as we were leaving the embryologist came to say the sperm morphology was no good (never been an issue before) and that he would try ICSI if the egg was mature (yay, another $2000), otherwise that was it.

Thankfully got a call an hour later whilst in the supermarket that the egg was mature so we just wait to hear whether it has fertilised. It has to make it to day 5 cos my lining isn't adequate having taken clomid.

I'm am so sick of this whole process.

Ok, rant over.

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Rant away, we get it.

Sorry to hear about the set backs. It's such a disappointment to get fewer eggs than you'd hoped for.

Fingers crossed it fertilises OK.

It is so hard when hope rests on 1 egg - we had this last cycle and I remember the stress of the waiting to hear how our 1 little fighter was doing. Hopefully that 1 egg is top notch and you will get to the 2ww. I remember thinking if I got to the 2ww I had as much chance as anyone! Sending as many positive vibes as I can to your egg. Best wishes 🍀🍀

Rant away! Sometime it all feels like an up hill battle!! Having said that I hope that you get on ok with fertilisation, time for a well earned drink of wine!!!

Good luck 🍀 🤞 x

Its so sickening .yesterday i just started crying out of the blue .im starting stims tomorrow for the second really does take alot out of you .i understand your rant .all the best with getting a strong embryo.

Mantaray75 I sympathise. We only got 1 egg on last cycle too. The whole process is draining. I am on day 3 of stims and feeling so jaded and stressed :(

Good luck for that call!! x

Really hope you get good news!xx

Another hurdle done - it fertilised! They will leave it alone until day 5 so won't know until Thursday whether it can be frozen. The time I got pregnant I only had one little frostie so everything crossed.

My head is in a total whirl this week. Thanks for all your support lovely ladies. X

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WeeMrsH in reply to Mantaray75

Fab news - fingers crossed xx

Hi mantaray, I don't post on this forum really now, but have the odd look to see how you are all doing. I know my miracle was born around the same time you would have been due which must be difficult, but please know I was in that place myself after our first failed cycle and was so pessimistic about ever being a mom. I'm writing this with my gorgeous 26 day old son asleep on my lap and all I can say is I have absolutely everything crossed for you - it sounds positive to date, hopefully it will continue that way. Xxx

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