day 8 stims scan... rubbish! worrying on wether any more follicles will grow

feel pants went for scan today and didnt go to well. one ovary had two follicles on thst they decided were probably cysts as they are far to big and then my other ovary had one tiny follicle on. so they not impressed thought change in drug might of worked. running out of positivity. got call this afternoon to say menopur going up from 300 to 450 hopefully some more may grow before next scan on saturday.

i just want least two eggs this time so i can remain positive last cycle they got one egg that wasnt mature enough. quickly losing faith in this cycle.

hope everyone else havingva better day xx

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  • sorry to hear this. I had 2 follicles on my last scan. It was recommended by the lovely ladies on here to up the protein with protein shakes, eggs and avocado along along with a hot water bottle but not too hot for a short while each day. Hope this helps!

  • Hi Kirst,

    My experience is the scans can change so much in just a few days.

    My last cycle day 8 scan showed only 3 folicles, i went back a few days later and they measured 12!

    I managed to get 11 eggs.

    Keep the faith and try not worry too much.


  • Hi Kirst12. Just hoping that the medication boost will do the trick. Wanted to wish you well with the scan tomorrow, and hope you get a better result. Thinking of you. Diane

  • I'm playing catch up on reading everyone's posts.i hope yesterday's scan went better for u! Big hugs xxx

  • well it went much better yesterday one is the the right band now and it also showed that five more follicles are growing. so they just need bit more growing time and few more injections back monday for anotger scan to see if anymore appear. nurse wasnt to happy that id not reacted to well with the menopur as its my second cycle they thought change from bemfola to menopur would of worked better and it hasnt.

  • Hi kirst12. Things are not looking too bad though. Good luck on Monday. Thinking of you. Diane

  • they gone bit bigger and two nore appearing so couple more days on menopur back wednesday for another scan. x

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