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Always something 😤😤

So I'm booked in for baseline scan a week tomorrow. Does anyone have any idea when I will actually start injections?

Been to doctors this evening - after putting it off for this very reason - I have a raging ear infection and now my ear drum has burst 😷 Very painful.

Been on Provera for last 10 days due to stop that 20.04 then baseline booked for 26.04. Called the clinic and she advised the antibiotics will be fine to take as the course will be finished before next Wednesday. Just wondering if anyone could advise how long after baseline scan you start the injections.

Thanks in advance! xoxo

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I stopped progynova on Saturday and had my baseline scan yesterday. I'm starting stims tomorrow. Guessing everyone is slightly different but hope that helps as an indication at least.

Really hope your antibiotics kick in soon and help the ear infection, that sounds miserable.


Ooh okay, so potentially could be the day after my baseline? Not had it really explained to me as too when I'll actually be starting! Bit confused 🤔

I'm hoping after a few days of antibiotics I'll be OK again. Pain is on another level so it's definitely making me miserable! 😢

Thanks for your reply! Xx


Last time my stims starts a couple of days after baseline. x


Good luck with your stims MrsB76!! x


Thank you! Will be glad to get that first one out of the way later! Hope your scan goes well tomorrow. X


Hi Jadep01

A day or so after your baseline (assuming they are happy with the scan) I would imagine. My baseline is Thurs and all being well I will start stims Fri x


Wow. Thanks ladies! And best of luck to you all 😊

Now I need to kick this infection off quick 😤xox


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