Menopur symptoms

Hi everyone,

I'm on day 5 of Menopur injections, first cycle. I have my first scan tomorrow and am so anxious about it. I have a low AMH, so am really worried I won't have many follicles. I haven't really had many symptoms from the injections, just a few stomach cramps and this is worrying me further that it's not working. Should I be feeling more by now?

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  • Arr reubo I'm sure you are very anxious for your scan I have everything crossed for you that they find lots of descent size folicels wishing you all the best for tomorrow it will be here in no time at all xxx

  • Thank you nmill x

  • Hi Reubo. I didn't have many symptoms either. They kept me going on injections for a couple of extra days too just to let the follicles grow a bit more. It worked so it was worth it. Hope it goes well. x

  • Thank you _MrsC, that has made me feel more positive x

  • I also have low AMH and felt no symptoms when on Menopur. I had 11 eggs collected. Really feel positive about it and grateful you have no side affects. Good luck 😉 xx

  • Hi Reubo, I also had doubt that if the injections were not working bcz I had less symptoms like little bit tired, thirsty n minor cramping in stomach...but believe in science, it is working...Good luck for tomorrow's scan.

  • Thank you ladies. I wish I'd found this site sooner, it's so good to speak to people going through the same thing. x

  • Emily7 I'm so sorry to see it didn't work out for you last time. Have you got frozen embies to use next time? x

  • Hi @Reubo,

    I'm on day 6 of Menopur as we speak and no symptoms here either. This is my second round - first round was on Gonal F and I didn't feel a thing until a day before egg retrieval (which was 14 days of stims in!).

    So don't worry. Let me know how it goes tomorrow. I have my first check-in scan Thursday.


  • Hi Reubo.

    Try not to stress too much about tomorrow. I was on menopur for my cycle with a low AMH. One side of me developed much better than the other & they gave me a couple of extra days of injections just to give my follicles the best chance. The only symptoms I had on menopur were a couple of cramps, but hardly anything & extra thirst & headaches.

    Sending you all the best for tomorrow xx

    PS this forum is awesome, wish I'd found it sooner too!!

  • Thanks everyone I will let you know how it goes x

  • Just wanted to wish you luck for your scan today. Hope all goes well and you have lots of follies!

  • Hi everyone,

    They didn't find many unfortunately, 2 large ones and 2 small with potential to grow. But at least there's something to play with. I have another scan on Friday and likely egg collection will be next Thursday. We are going to Madrid this weekend as my hsb is running the marathon, so hopefully that will be a nice stress reliever. We were worried we wouldn't be able to go, but they are hopeful I can have another scan Tuesday rather than Monday.

    So many hurdles to overcome :-(


  • Hey

    Please don't worry. I had the same with just menopur. My right ovary never really joined the party and my left was quite lazy too and didn't grow big folicles. We did have to stop that cycle, but next time I had menopur and bemfola together and that worked a treat. I am now on my 2ww.

    I really hope this cycle works for you, good luck with your scan xx

  • Thanks Hormomalmess!

    It's seems quite common that they don't quite get the drugs right the first time (the free go!). Lots of posts seem to say it works better the second time around.

    Aww I have everything crossed for you getting a positive outcome x x

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