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Blood tests

Hello one and all.

Well we've had quite a couple of weeks here in forum land haven't we. ups and downs galore... its just been a tough time for a lot of us. I am now 10dp2x3dt and have had spotting since friday - the spotting is pretty red and that sucks. I did a clear blue digital on friday and got 1-2 weeks pregnant but i'm not sure i believe it. since then the spotting has got redder and heavier so I am fairly sure that its game over. I bought some home bargains preggo test strips did one saturday - negative and one today - faintly positive. The bleeding is getting slightly heavier and thats a bit concerning. I have been recommended to sit my butt down and rest but that is driving me up the wall. Last night i slept well for the first time in weeks (probably because i'd resigned myself to the fact it was game over). Anyway as any neurotic 2ww-er would do I have spent the last hour googling "bleeding during 2ww, bfp" and i have found so so so much but one thing that seems to be consistently coming up is people saying "do not rely on HPT - wait for your beta blood test at the clinic" so my big question is - do any of your clinics have you come in on OTD for a blood test?

I'm still pretty sure that its all game over for me but i thought i'd ask the question.

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Sorry your experiencing this, my clinic only do home tests but on my latest cycle I had a faint positive on test date so they got me in for bloods xx


My clinic only do it by blood test, then with a repeat a few days later if its positive. I've always held out for the blood tests cos didn't want to get any ambiguous results which would mess with my head even more.

When I got my BFP I had spotting and some cramps around the same time as you and some of it was a bit red so it could be implantation. When I got a BFN I felt absolutely nothing in the 2WW.



I think u should call ur clinic . They might do a blood test to check ur hormones level. And I'm f required give u some medication


Oh god it's all so bloody nail biting, I'm so sorry you've got this uncertainty, I would call the clinic and ask them to do a blood test, because you never know, our bodies are bloody weird, I know mine is!! Good luck! Xx


Oh sounds so hard - my clinic rely only on home tests but will let you pay for a blood test - they also have to do two, two or more days apart, to check hcg rises. Two tests cost £80 altogether. Maybe your clinic can arrange that? To be honest, in hindsight, I'm not sure it helped us and we won't do the same this cycle if we do get a positive preg test but I guess the option is there which is nice.


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