Is it normal to spot for so long?

Hey ladies me again, no longer chilled on the 2ww! πŸ™„ I'm day 11p5dt and my otd is friday (13dp) I've been spotting since Saturday so now this is day 5 of it. It started just brown but the last couple of days there's been some pinky/red on & off, as well as brown. Surely this wouldn't still be implantation related?

As I said in my previous post this has happened before and it was a chemical pregnancy, I had a bfp 4 days ago but I'm not expecting to see one on Friday 😒

I know I should be positive but it's sooo hard when you're spotting and it's happened before. I'm determined not to test again till otd because my hubby is off then so we can support one another and if I do and it's now negative, I know it'll only ruin the next few days too. I have some other symptoms but I'm pretty sure they're just the pessaries. God if this fails I don't think I can go through another 2ww in my lifetime!


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  • Is it possible to call ur clinic can take some advise maybe. That'll get some peace of mind for u .

  • Hey Hun there's probably not much point as I think they'll just say it isn't test day yet and they did tell me not to be alarmed by spotting (if only!) I'll just wait & hope Friday comes quickly. Thank you xx

  • Hi Georgina78. So sorry to hear that you are still suffering with spotting. Just because it seems to be following a similar pattern to last time, it doesn't necessarily mean it is all over. You must read posts on here of ladies who have constant bleeds for days on end and spotting etc., then get a positive result, so just hold that thought in your mind. There a so many reasons for this happening, and sometimes we don't know why. just try and keep busy until Friday and have a rest when you can. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks so much Diane, I appreciate your reassurance, I have heard lots of stories of how or why bleeding happens and in fact a friend of mine only told me yesterday that she had a bleed at 5 and 11 weeks and all was fine, I'm just struggling to convince myself.

    I probably shouldn't have tested early but I do want to know if I have another chemical. I'm just hoping it's either nothing or perhaps one embryo isn't making it but the other is fine, although I don't know how common that is.

    I am resting thanks, I'm at home today waiting for a new sideboard to be delivered so it's probably for the best! Thank you xx

  • Hi Georgina78. Yes, it might be that No. 1 is not progressing, as it can happen, but who knows. However, you just have to carry on with the pessaries/gel if prescribed and rest when you can - and DON'T get lifting the sideboard, enjoy the sunshine instead! Diane

  • No definitely won't be touching the sideboard at all! Thanks Diane x

  • xx

  • Hello Georgina. I'm sorry for that spotting you have. not sure if I can tell you something to make you feel better but you should know I'm there with you. I know what is loss and I don't want other people to go through this. Anyway, nothing is over. Different weird things happen every now and then and you mustn't give up before you know for sure. Only 2 days left, try to stay at least a bit positive.

    I imagine your disappointment. When I miscarried a baby I was sure I won't have any more cycle. And this was right decision for the "past" me but now I'm on my way to ET. Everything changes just be patient and don't make hasty decisions. Everything crossed for your good news on Fri xxxxx

  • Thank you Petricker, I'm hoping it is just a blip. All I can do is sit tight and wait till Friday. I won't Mage any snap decisions, I know I'll need time to get my head together if it doesn't end well.

    I really hope this cycle brings success for you, you've been through enough 😘 Xx

  • This must be so scary especially with what you've already been through, literally have everything crossed for Friday x

  • Thanks so much Hun 😘 Xx

  • Sending lots of hugs Georgina!! The waiting is unbearable, I sympathise wholeheartedly.. don't give up, it's not over, my friend actually bled on and off through her entire pregnancy and has a healthy five year old now. Our bodies are strange things and you can't necessarily predict how things are going to go. Stay strong, big hugs xxx πŸ€—

  • Thank you Claire, I have a tiny shred of hope that it's something & nothing but it really feels like my period is on it's way & this bleeding is just the start. Only one more day to go. Thanks for the positive story, I know it can happen so hopefully it isn't bad news xx

  • Sending loads of love and big hugs xxx

  • Thanks so much Jaky xx

  • Just want to wish you lots of love and luck for OTD tomorrow, Georgina. Thinking of you! x

  • Thanks Hun, I've definitely given up now though. Properly bleeding now, there's no doubt this is my period πŸ˜” Sucks doesn't it..

    How's it going with you? Are you still bleeding? Xxx

  • Aww no really??! Well, you know what they say, it ain't over till it's over. But I know you will know your own body and have to be realistic. I'm so sorry it's looking this way but still keeping hope in my heart for you!

    Yes it still bleeding and it's been really heavy most of the time. Had blood test at GP practice today but won't get results for few days. I did an HPT yesterday and it was still showing positive, which is getting me down as I'd have thought it wouldn't take long for the low level of hCG to leave my body. Just want back to normal now and feel myself again xx

  • Thank you lovely, yeah I'm 99.9% sure it is but I'll still have to test tomorrow of course. Feels like a total waste of a test, not to mention having to put tonight's pessary in πŸ™

    So sorry you're having this too, it's really really crap. The bfp must just feel like torture too, and the waiting for your blood results. I imagine you just want to draw a line under it, however hard. I know we can't make any rushed decisions but I really feel like I'm done with it all, I don't know about you. Big hugs Hun xxx

  • This is the worst point I think... the feeling like it's over but not knowing for sure so you can't even begin to move on. A week after I started bleeding and I'm starting to feel a bit normal again. I'm sending you both sooo much sympathy as I know how low you'll be feeling right now x

  • Yeah Hun it sucks doesn't it, I just need to know either way now and am very glad it's tomorrow.

    Glad you're starting to feel like yourself again, are you having a follow up with your clinic soon?

    Thanks for your wishes, I don't know what I'd do without this forum & the understandingof all you lovely ladies xxx

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