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Hello everyone after longer time i am writing my update .. After we had two embryos put back on 10th april first week of 2WW was fine then it went all harder x i started brown spotting day before test day so bought lots of hpts and got all of them positive .. Was worrying about test day as started more spotting .. The worst and best day of my life when nurse called with positive result and my hcg was 190 .. They said that hope that bleeding settles coz it could be implantation blood or something else not to do with embryos x so i went home and couldnt really enjoy good news as spotting started getting heavier and bit cramping too x nurse called on friday asked how i am feeling and said i should come back for another test on monday to see whats happening .. Last night i phoned emergency number coz bleeding turned into kinda normal period .. To be told that theres nothing they can do just wait till monday for blood test and it doesnt look good ... I was askin myself how .. I had two embyos put back good pregnancy level now now they just goin to sit and wait .. I went to a and e last night where i was explained that yes its just a waiting game .. I am thinking could they no check my hormon levels .. Or give something to stop bleedin .. Am i loosing just one or two .. Or is it just bleeding like many girls have firts couple months of pregnancy .. After all pain and stress we got there got our BFP and now i cant just sit and wait and do nothing .. Was reading quite a lot that they are prescribing ascorutin if bleeding starts and strict bed rest .. I wasnt on forum for longer thinkin readin all stuff would make me stress more but i need to know theres someone out there with same problem and if theres really nothing they could do ..i hv to wait until tomorrow afternoon now xx thank you

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  • Hey Hunny I was a bit further along than you but i had some bleeding too. It worried me to death as it appeared quite a lot. I was also told there was nothing the hospital could do, it was a waiting game. It's quite common for women to bleed after implantation and even throughout pregnancy, even though it scares us to death and we often think the worst. I had 2 embies put back in too :-).

    I was told to rest up and drink plenty of water. After a couple of days the bleeding stopped but of course I'm still paranoid!!! I've had some scans since and fingers crossed everything is as it should be.

    Try to relax hun although I know this is easier said than done. Look after yourself. Xx

  • Its worrying coz there was quite lots of blood all of kinds and colours and we are emotionaly so drained up and down .. X thanks for your answer glad it went all good for u xx

  • It was the same for me hun. I was a wreck. I do understand, there isn't much people can say or do to make things better it's such a stressful time. I am still paranoid and stressed now every time I go to toilet. Hubby tries to keep me smiling and busy.

    Hope everything is ok hun. Bleeding doesn't always mean bad things. Xxx

  • Thank you very much x

  • Can i ask you what was your first beta x and did two of ur embryos implanted x

  • Congratulations on the pregnancy but I'm so sorry to hear you have had some bleeding must be a hellish time for you both massive hugs. I just want to say I had bleeding when I was pregnant with my now 16 year old son when I was about 7 weeks gone. I did bleed very heavily like a full period and even had to wear pads. I was convinced I had lost the pregnancy and midwife called it a threatened miscarriage. It was a horrible week or two till I had my scan which i didn't think would be a heartbeat. But he was fine. :) My sister also bled very heavily with my niece And thought she was losing the pregnancy. Some women do bled and have healthy babies. I know how scary it is tho when you bleed in pregnancy. Esp after all you've been through to get there. Wishing you both some good news. Good luck Hun here for you Xxxx

  • Hi Miroslava, I'm sorry you are having all this stress, the uncertainty must be awful. Try not to google as it will drive you crazy! Maybe read a good book to take your mind off things. I know it must be incredibly difficult. Thinking of you and hope you have a positive outcome x

  • Thinking of you. Really hope it turns out ok.

  • Hi thinking of you and lots of wishes that all would end up in healthy and happy pregnancy for you.

    Remain positive in thinking about it and look after yourself xx

  • Not good news .. Hcg levels only 90 today :( x

  • Sweetheart I'm so sorry to hear that. No words can make that ever ok. Just to say I'm thinking of you and here if you need a chat, X

  • My beta also going down. Now waiting for miscarriage bleed.

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