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Hi All, how is everyone doing today?

I have my HSG exam on Friday and was just wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions in relation to this? I've read up about the procedure but was just wondering if any of you ladies who have been through it have any words of wisdom. I am due to have ICSI Summer 2017.

Sending love to all whatever stage you are at in your fertility journey xxxx

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Hi ya

I had this done in early March. I advise you to take some pain relief about half an hour before you go.

The procedure lasted about 20mins

Firstly they get you to provide a urine sample to check that you are not pregnant. And ask you to undress from the waist down and put on a hospital gown.

You will then go into the x-ray room where they will ask you a few questions and explain what will happen. They will tell you to empty your bladder if you can.

They then ask you to lay down on the hospital bed. The radiographer position my legs so that they fell outwards. It is quite noisy as they will position the xray machine over you.

They will ask you if you are comfortable and then start the preparations for the HSG.

They use an antibacterial wipe to make sure it's sterile.

The next part is like having a smear test. They will place a clip on your cervix to keep it open when they place a thin tube up and into your uterus. They then release the dye. This was what I felt the most painful as it's a weird sort of pressure your not used to. I just got through it as I knew it had to be done. However the nurse and radiographer were lovely and helped me through the pain.

Take a pad as the hospital ones are a bit rubbish

I had cramps for the day and following day and bled for a few days.

Hope this helps.

Lynsay xx

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TTCs in reply to Mrsgled1982

Thank you so much that explanation really helps. As everyone has said it's one of those things has to be done so we just have to get on with it :) xx

Hi there, I had mine last year, they might give you Antibiotics before the procedure I had 4! Just make sure you get home quick as I needed to get to the bathroom and I had half and hour journey to do! X

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TTCs in reply to Sunnysam91

Good tip! My hubby is driving so will make sure he doesn't take his time with the journey home lol. Thanks so much for your reply xx

It's nothing to worry about really, the only things is you get cramps, and you have to lie still when all you want to do is curl up in a ball but you just get through it somehow. When I had mine done the doctor showed me on the screen my results but then I had a follow up appointment with the specialist. You worry about it beforehand but once you have it done you realise it was nothing you couldn't handle. You'll be fine :) good luck x

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TTCs in reply to beauty1984

Ah thanks so much, good to know they briefly explain results at the time as I know what it's like trying to get a follow up appointment! Xx

I was so scared having this done and it's really wasn't bad just slightly uncomfortable, like others have said take 2 painkillers an hour before and relax best you can xxx

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TTCs in reply to

Thank you for your reply. Will Def take the advice re painkillers. Will try anything to re the end goal xx

What is this? I've never had this done

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TTCs in reply to Maikai

I'm probably not the best person to answer this as Friday will be my first experience. The doctor explained it as an exam to check if fallopian tubes are clear using dye injected into your uterus and x-ray. The doctor told me there is a very small rise in the number of natural pregnancies after the procedure as small blockages can be cleared but I understand the main reason is more to check of the tubes are clear or not. Xx

It's one of those things you build up in your head but isn't as bad as you imagined. It's not the nicest but it's totally doable x

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TTCs in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you. Good to have you ladies put it in perspective. Like you say you build it up in your head. Xx

I had a hycosy rather than the full hsg. It wasn't too bad at all but I had a terribly upset tummy after due to the giant antibiotics! I agree with the pad comment. Take your own. The hardest part of mine was the fact that a trainee was telling the doctor that it was her first day back after maternity leave. I then had to endure listening to her discussing her little girl and how she had to put her training on hold etc. I wonder if some people actually listen to themselves. Good luck. You'll be fine! x

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TTCs in reply to _MrsC

Oh my goodness I am shocked the doctor didn't stop her going on! She clearly was only focused on herself and not her patient, how insensitive, I'm sure you were biting your lip not to say anything to her! Sorry to ask a daft question but is the pad for bleeding that might occur or dye that comes out? Lol xx

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_MrsC in reply to TTCs

Well both I think but primarily bleeding. I didn't have any at all but I felt more comfortable with a nice thin pad rather than the thick hospital ones. Yeah I think she probably got told once I left. Can't take it personally. x

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TTCs in reply to _MrsC

Good tip, thank you. You're totally right I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose but still hurtful none the less. Thank you for the advice :) xx

Hiya I had this done a few weeks ago. I read all the horror stories on line before & was prepared for the worst. It was absolutely fine!! I felt no pain at all, just slight pressure and cramping during procedure. Take the painkiller, take the antibiotics after, take deep controlled breaths during the procedure & all will be fine. The nurses doing it were so lovely and explained everything they were doing.

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TTCs in reply to Lilli79

Ah thank you. Yes I had read some of those horror stories too. Here's hoping mine goes as well as the other ladies on here. Anything that might help eh xx

Just don't worry! It will be over in no time. I know that's easier said than done. I had one done in October last year.

I personally felt a little bit of discomfort but the nurse held my hand. The staff are so good! I didn't bleed after and didn't have any period like pains after but I know we are all different.

Most cases we have never experienced anything like this and don't know what to expect. It's the unknown that gets our minds thinking!!

I pray we all have the courage and strength to get through our days and appointments and be strong! Come on girls!


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TTCs in reply to pachelbel

Thank you for your kind message! I am strangely looking forward to it as feels like it's something proactive other than just hoping and praying :) xx

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pachelbel in reply to TTCs

Keep it up!

It's true just hoping and praying can't be done if we don't take action ourselves. That first step to get ourselves going can be a big one but at least we can say we are trying.

When I had my HSG she found a 5mm polyp which I had removed last week. Maybe that caused my miscarriage in 2015 and the reason I haven't got pregnant again.


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