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HSG Scan


I have to go for my HSG scan next week and I was wondering if anyone knew how long this affected you afterwards. Basically, the week after the scan is my ovulation week which also lands at the same time we are on holiday so I was really hoping to make the most of the combination of events, chilled holiday vibes and all that.

I have read that you should avoid sex for 10 days after but that will push me out of the ovulation dates. Has anyone heard this? did you wait?

Any advise/experience with this would be appreciated

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I haven’t heard of it delaying ovulation no but the reason for avoiding sex is probably due to infection risk xx

I think you have to avoid sex in case of infection.

Good luck with the scan xx

I had ny hsg done in August. Nobody told me anything about avoiding sex my fertility doctor even told me we have increased chances of conception afterwards (didn't help us). So relax, enjoy your holiday and do anything that will make you happy 😍😍😍😍☀️☀️☀️☀️

Thank you for your replies, we've been trying TTC for over 2 years now so I hate to miss the opportunity. I will see what they say at the scan but hopefully all will be fine x

Camillage in reply to 3005

I was told that the process itself is like a wee treatment and that lots of people do actually get pregnant afterwards. I can't remember being told not to have sex for x period after, but I did have mine about 5 years ago...

Good luck xx

I’ve got my HSG test tomorrow, and my ovulation is either today or tomorrow, if I feel ok pain-wise we’re having sex tomorrow!! The info my clinic sent me said we could try straight away. I’ll double check with them at the appointment

Hi, I had my HSG two weeks ago, nobody told me anything about not having sex, and I was fine. I didn’t get an infection. Good luck with the HSG and enjoy your holiday xx

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