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At the moment I am feeling very very frustrated with the gynaecology dept at my local hospital!

I had my last appointment with the consultant 3 weeks ago and was told to phone on day one of my next period to make an appointment with to have an HSG to check my tubes. Having PCOS my periods can be very few and far between (last was start of November after a course of norethisterone) I called up the consultants secretary of Friday morning to make an appointment to be told they have no appointments available for next week so could not accommodate me. I explained having PCOS its unlikely I will have another period before my next appointment with the consultant in April and would really appreciate if they could fit me in even as a stand by or cancellation to which the response was sorry we don’t work on stand by or cancellations you will have to call again next time.

I know I probably cant demand that they fit me in for the HSG but has anyone else come up against this?


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Hi weetwinkle. So sorry to read that you have come up against all this annoyance. Why don’t you pop and see your GP and ask him/her – in view of your menstrual history - whether he/she could give you a course of norethisterone again to kick start a period as you are in limbo as to when you will have another one? Worth an ask. Good luck

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Thanks Diane. I was planning to call gp for course of norethisterone around March if I hadn't had a period before then. I'm just abit disappointed at the attitude of the secretary, not that I'm looking to pull a sympathy vote but a little understanding would have been nice. Also the thought of taking a course of norethisterone to be told again they can't fit me in would seem abit pointless! On the other hand they may fit me in ... Oh I don't know! Xx



I'm sorry you're going thru this, I had exactly the same frustrations when trying to book mine, other than I'm lucky enough to have regular periods - even taking that into account, it took me 4 months to get my appointment, despite ringing on the start of my period every single month - I just kept getting told there were no appointments left. It was only in my 4th month, that I rang to be told the same and was so upset and frustrated, I cried down the phone! Think I was just lucky that the nurse that day had a heart and she squeezed me into a slot she didn't really have. It seems to be very common unfortunately. I don't know what to suggest other than going to your GP and see what they can advise?

Good luck, hope you get it soon xxx


I have just had a call to say theres been a cancellation for tuesday for an HSG, :o) I forgot to ask if there is anything I need to do before I go? Its not like an ultra sound where i need a full bladder or anything?

So happy to hopefully be crossing this off of the list without a delay for another few months!



Glad you got an appt! My HSG took time to get sorted as their attitude was 'just try next month' and I too have irregular periods! HSG is fine- they'll do a pregnancy test so have a good drink before hand so they can get a urine sample and then they'll give you antibiotics to avoid infection. You don't need a full bladder or anything like that. They can tell you results there and then as HSG very thorough. I appreciate nurses and docs are busy but going through the IVF process I realise how precious time is so when they say. ' next month' it's very frustrating! Good luck xxxx


Aww thank you hanjfarrell! I feel rather relieved to be getting it out of the way!

I know a little understanding would go a long way with some of the receptionists! With me though if they are nice to me I cry…. and if they aren’t nice I cry lol!



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