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Hi Everyone

Hope you are all having a good week! Had my HSG today, was very painful and still cramping. I was told that they were unable to pass any dye through my right tube (left tube was okay) - could be spasm or blockage. Was told could mean I need further investigations but won't find out for a few weeks what this all means. Anyone have any similar experiences?

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  • Well done on surviving the HSG! I can’t offer much advice I’m afraid but just wanted to say well done!!

  • Thanks lovely, i had so many good tips from everyone on here regarding what to expect so felt well prepared but couldn't believe how severe the pain was and still sore now. Wishing you every success with your journey xxx

  • I found it painful too! Probably the worst thing I’ve had to date!! You’re through it now though so on to the next steps. Hope they can give some clarity on the tube that didn’t get the dye through! Good luck with it all!! X

  • Thank you, onwards and upwards now. BIG hugs xxx

  • I don’t have any advice but well done for having it, hope your resting up xx

  • Thanks lovely, yes had a quiet afternoon watching a film with hubby and our cats! Hope you are doing ok xxx

  • I had the same they could pass dye through either tube. They thought it was possibly spasm so I ended up having it done under general anaesthetic. It ended up both tubes were blocked and I had to have further surgery to remove both tubes before i could have ivf. I ended up having hydrosalpinx on both sides. Even without my tubes I'm mummy to a beautiful little boy xx good luck Hunny xx

  • Thanks lovely, sorry to hear you had such a rough time with everything but great to hear it all worked out well. Congratulations xxx

  • I had the HSG about four years ago and it’s the most painful thing I’ve ever had done! My left tube went into spasm during and they found it was thickened. Eventually I found out I had a hydrosalpinx and had the tube removed via laparoscopy before starting IVF xxx

  • Thanks lovely for reply, i wish they had been able to go into more detail on what everything means, it's so stressful all this waiting between appointments etc. It's so helpful to chat through experiences with other people so thank you for sharing. Wishing you every success with your journey xxx

  • Yeah the waiting between is really not much fun but well worthwhile doing all the legwork so you know exactly what you’re dealing with xxx

  • Too true xxx

  • Hi, sorry to hear you are still in pain from the hsg. I had a similar experience.

    My hsg showed one blocked tube. I had a laparoscopy to determine if the tube needs removing but they didn't remove it in the end. Laparoscopy showed the tube was blocked.

    We are continuing to try naturally but likely to start IVF in the new year.

    Hope everything goes well and you start to feel better soon x

  • Thank lovely, hope you're doing okay and wishing you every success with your journey xxx

  • Thank you! Same to you. I hope you don't wait too long for the next appointment and some answers x

  • Thanks xxx

  • I feel your pain!!! I had to have the HSG done 3 x in one week!!!! Every time was so excruciating. The first one took an hour as they couldn't find the hole to my cervix and had to call in s doctor. I actually passed out with the pain and the length of time I was in pain for. Sadly on the 3rd time they discovered both tubes were blocked. I was so devastated. I later had my tubes clipped. Starting round 2 of ivf next year. I've had laparoscopy and a TAC fitted this year. Emotional and physical pain. So glad you have a good clear tube! Good luck on your journey x

  • Hi lovely, sorry to hear you've had such a rough time. I can't imagine having to go through 3 in one week. I do hope you're ok and wishing you every success with your journey xxx

  • Thank you x

  • Ps I had a cone biopsy to remove abnormal cells then an infection 2 weeks later which blocked my tubes

  • Such a lot to go through for you, really hope you made a good recovery and are feeling better xxx

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