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Morning all,

I was called in to see the consultant yesterday, to discuss my pelvic ultrasound results. I knew I had a small cyst but wasn't quite ready for the news that I might have endometriosis. I am awaiting a date for a laparoscopy now. My friend who took me to the hospital (as fiance was in work) was amazing and so positive about it, saying they are doing lots to help me. I, on the other hand just feel a little more broken. I am really struggling on this never ending journey.

Has anyone been through this and could share some wise words?

love to all


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  • Hello Lucy. I have endometriosis. There is loads of information out there when you're ready to know more. The Endometriosis UK site is a good place to start.

    It's great they are doing a laparoscopy as it's the gold standard for diagnosis. If you do have endometriosis make sure you're under a good gynaecologist, preferably one who specialises in endometriosis, see BSGE for an up to date list.

    It is important that you strive for good care if you do have endometriosis. It can be a difficult and complex disease to manage so you deserve the best.

    Best wishes x

  • Thank you for the information. I will definitely have a look into those. Best wishes to you too x

  • Completely agree with Hellsbells - it is a really complex disease and varies hugely in severity - I have learnt so much from endometriosis uk - good that they are recommending a laparoscopy to check their diagnosis as I was left for a long time with them saying it wasn't that severe when it was! Good luck with getting treated quickly - wishing you all the best xxx

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi Lucy,

    I can only empathise and say that trying to be a little philosophical about life at these moments can help a bit. Not everyone thinks like this but I always try to see the good in a situation. Though you're understandably disappointed and sad, this experience will help to make you a more resilient person on this crazy journey called life! As another member mentioned below, some research can make you feel empowered rather than helpless too. I don't know you but I reckon you're a tough cookie. Tap into your support network and focus on doing the things that make you feel good at the moment.

    Much love and support,


  • Thank you Amy. I am trying to be strong but sometimes it all gets too much. I do have some great people around me though. Thank you for your positivity 😊 xx

  • I know you can't always be strong, and you don't have to be, we're all only human! I'm sending you positive vibes from France : )

  • I have severe endometriosis and had excision surgery December 2015 after my first laparoscopy in December 2014 to remove my left tube (this was when they found the endo). I was in a real mess inside, but the surgery made a huge difference to my pain levels. There's a great endometriosis group on here and lots of helpful ladies there. It sounds like your clinic are doing all they can for you so whilst you wait for the laparoscopy, take some time to learn what you can. I promise you will be a much stronger person as a result of all of this, you will get there xxxx

  • Thank you for your advice and kind words. I'm glad that the pain has eased. Perhaps I sm one of the luckier ones, as I don't really get a lot of pain, just uncomfortable cramps in day 1 of my cycle.


  • Infertility is so hard for others to completely understand having not been through it.

    I'm also having a laparoscopy too-signed my consent form at our appointment. I too was surprised-as I thought he'd say IVF ( I tried clomid but I had a bad reaction 4th round) he's checking for endo as well as checking my tubes are clear and drilling my ovaries(which will stimulate the ovaries to ovulate-I have polycystric ovaries) . I can't offer advise on lap but I'm sure many ladies on here can..

    All the best with it all I truly hope it helps get you a Bfp x

  • Thank you Jess. I hope the laparoscopy goes well for you and you get what you need too.xx

  • I haven't got the experience to advise u but wanted to wish u all the best xxx

  • Thank you, very kind of you 😊 xx

  • The endometriosis Uk site on here is very useful, as said above. If you do a search you will get lots of helpful tips on the practicalities of a lap.

    As regards the impact on fertility, read this article and you will feel better! news.stanford.edu/news/2006...

    There are a few clinical studies (such as above) which suggest pregnancy is more likely after women have this procedure to have endo treated. I had one in Sept where I had some very mild endo treated with ablation and got pregnant immediately, as did my friend a year ago. I unfortunately had a mc (but its still further than I've ever got before) and my friend, who had severe endo and fibroids treated) has a beautiful baby now.

    I hope this gives you some hope xx

  • Thank you for this Lizzie, it is really helpful and does give me some hope. I am really sorry to hear about your mc and hope you too get your baby.

    Lucy xx

  • Hi Lucy I had a laparoscopy in February to be told I have endometriosis and both tubes were blocked, they do lots to help you so don't worry try and think that your actually lucky that your getting this help there are lots of people out there who struggle to get any help when they are in so much pain, it's not nice but it's not the end of the world Hun xx

  • Thank you. You are completely right about getting the help. I've had my date for the laparoscopy and as promised the consultant pushed it through quickly. I guess, although I was upset at first, things are being done. Xx

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