Feeling very sad

A lady who's a common friend. She had a daughter aged 7 . She was only child to her parents. Beautiful gorgeous , bubbly daughter. Day Before , she had consumed something and had an allergic reaction. Paramedics were there at her doorstep in London in 15 mins . But they could not revive her for half an hour . And when they did, her brain did not come back on . As in she's gone into a deep brain sleep. She's been put on ventilator. But all d drs are of d opinion that she's not coming back unless there's a miracle. Life is so unpredictable and unimaginable. They will be monitoring her for another 48hrs before they will withdraw d artificial support. We all think there's always a way out and we have to just look for it. But sometimes there are incidents in life which kinda makes me think that there's someone , 😔somewhere who exists and can pull strings in whichever way he/she wants . 😔

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  • Life is so precious. Such a sad story :(

  • Thx Pchin for understanding

  • Aww how heartbreaking, thinking of the precious little girl. Life can be so cruel. Praying for a miracle, they can and do happen xx ❤❤

  • Hey flossy I'm still in a shock

  • It will be hard to comprehend, look after yourself and keep strong for your friend. Hoping for good news for you all xx

  • Oh gosh. This is awful. Praying she pulls through. Xx

  • Feel so numb . Through out d day just getting flashes of her face 😔

  • That's awful 😞 x

  • Thanks for understanding tugsgurl

  • Oh wow that's horrific. You can only imagine what that must be like to go through, the reality is unthinkable. Miracles can happen so let's hope this little girl gets one xx

  • Thanks mhairielaune

  • Hi tiger-cub. My heart aches for them, as I do know how that feels. You sound lovely, so just be there for them when you can. It won't be easy, but try your best. Thinking of you and them. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. I can only try but there r things beyond us too. It seems d daughter left them to be in a different world. I hope and pray god gives them strength to bare with d unbearable. Thanks for ur kind words my dear .

  • Hi tiger-cub, how terribly upsetting, life can be so cruel, I cannot imagine what everyone must be going through. They will need your valued friendship and support. Take care xx

  • Thanks dear Evie. I feel so numb

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