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So first appointment at private clinic today another one at a different clinic next week. Felt positive. Consultant felt our 2nd cycle was much better and shouldn't consider donor eggs just yet. Got a good feel from her and clinic in general and that they were not solely after our money!! She recommends same long protocol but with fostimon in addition to regular meds, an endo scratch and ivf instead of icsi. Our nhs clinic only did icsi despite us having no reason for icsi as sperm not an issue for us. Has anyone done fostimon? Also she said to keep with dhea. Now kind of wish we had maybe gone private 2nd time around as just starting already to feel more tailored to us or maybe we needed to go through two bfns to get to this point..who knows. All I know is I fear the financial cost of failure however consultant said I can't think like that and have to be positive so I guess that's it now onwards with the private sector. πŸ˜©πŸ˜€πŸ˜¨πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜§mixed feelings xx

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  • You defo get more of a say in the private sector and less waiting xx

  • Feels that way..more individualised and yes no waiting lol and hopefully a bit more privacy at egg collection time..I never wanted to be critical of NHS but sadly we have felt process not been tailored to us and just been put through conveyor belt. .anyway how's 2ww?xx

  • That's similar to our experience, our private clinic much nicer and yes you get your own room at EC day we didn't even see anyone else which was better. Also you never have to wait ages for scans or blood tests etc x

  • Win win then just hurts pocket hugely so hope it worth OK? Xx

  • Yes it does put a large dent in the savings but hopefully it will be worth it xx

  • So pleased u have found someone u feel confident in!! Don't feel u should have done this sooner-the new place have learnt from your previous treatments so it has all helped for them to form a more tailored treatment for u!!so happy for u that they think your own eggs are still good to go-that must give u a lot of reassurance that you are making the right decision! Can't wait to hear the progress of this new journey x

  • Awww thanks hun..onwards..again xxx

  • Glad to hear that you've found a clinic that you like and feel comfortable! It's rubbish knowing you've put yourself through 2 bfns however your previous rounds will have helped them get a feeling of what they need to tweak instead of starting from scratch so it wasn't all for nothing!! Amy idea how long they want you yo wait until you can start?xx

  • They said we can start straight away however this is where I feel my whole life can't stop cause of treatment but then I get older and older as do my as time not on our side. If we start straight away I will probably go loopier than usual and my work will probably sack me as I will get another line for sure and we need to cancel our holiday so sensible me says wait an extra month and chill and start in may. Just feels so different to nhs in a good way I hope..I hate the idea of getting what you pay for as I wanted to believe in our nhs but I do feel slightly let down although I know others have had a great experience as it should be xx

  • Oh that's a bit rubbish that you are having to cancel your holiday, however I'd do the same if it was me. Totally get the whole time factor thing of feeling we're getting older and all this time counts! That's a shame you feel let down by the NHS but then I guess they have limited funds. We got told round one is really just a "practice" round as they've no idea how you respond to meds, two for that matter and now hopefully this is the crucial round! Look forward to your updates, will be following closely!xx

  • I had private first time round and the treatment and care is so much different to NHS,

    I wish you all the luck in the world when you decide to go ahead with your cycle and loads of baby dust too

    I think my 2nd cycle will be may now,

    But they say good thinks come to those that wait



  • Wishing you so much luck for your 2nd that on the NHS? Xx

  • Thank you, yes on the NHS luckily I've been allowed funding for 2 cycles if required,

    Lost one cycle because i had paid for private treatment. Xx

  • Good luck Vic, this is all sounding very positive 😊 xxx

  • Thanks how you doing after bfp?xxx

  • Thanks for asking. Still pretty much in disbelief! xxx

  • Oooh, i'm definitely interested in this because we have used up our one cycle on the NHS and will need to go private for round 2. Do you have any advice on choosing a clinic?

  • Not really am afraid it all boils down to how you feel when you visit clinic. I think most do open days or free initial visits so you can nose round for free,meet staff, ask questions and get a feEl for the place to help you make an informed decision. I am trying not to simply use price as my only deciding factor xx

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