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im worrying now..... 0.3 million per mililetre

Hi All,quick update...

had 1 failed ICSI 1 egg didnt fertilise. now on NHS waiting list for donor egg. our consultant asked for another sperm sample to make sure its no worse. just had result back it is a little worse... 0.3 million per millilitre?

Thing is in the meantime as waiting list is so long we are going to Cyprus for treatment and our consultant in UK is going to call next week (she is on holiday) to see if she wants us to freeze any sperm as back up. But would 0.3 mil be ok for ICSI? I have told the clinic in Cyprus that its low but not how low just said ok for icsi? is 0.3 ok for ICSI? I will of course talk to Cyprus once we have spoken to our UK consultant about it. The thing is Cyprus will want a back up donor sperm if ours is not good but OH not too keen on it! Also our consultant told us as OH count is consistently low she didnt feel there would be a problem as plenty (last Nov) for ICSI we are happy to freeze some in UK if needs be but want to make sure we will be ok for October with 0.3 ish ICSI?

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My impression is that if they can find some swimmers that is enough for ICSI.

Maybe just contact the clinic with the information for that reassurance.

Good luck on your journey. I am also considering DE abroad after 6 failed ICSI

Please provide updates to your journey and experience.

All the best



Thanks DC13 I think im just having a wobble to be honest! i have picked Dogus in north cyprus we fly September - PM me if you want any details x


Hi Blondyboo. His result should be fine to use for ICSI. We just need some live - preferably normal shaped sperm, and the embryologist does the rest! It is always a good idea to store some sperm frozen, for then you know the ones that are stored are good ones. You might also try giving your husband/partner a good quality multivitamin tablet with extra zinc and selenium to help with the motility. many couples I have spoken to have seen an improvement after a few months. Hope all goes well for you both when you do finally start treatment. Diane


Hi 0.3 shouldn't be a problem as they only need a couple dozen healthy sperm. Good luck with September x


I think ICSI means that as long as there is something there, they can use it. Our Doctor explained that the main issue was that if there were larger numbers then the quality was more likely to be better, but ICSI means they can use even if a very small number. Wish you luck! We had the same issue and I did feed my husband lots of vits and fresh food and tonnes of fruit in the run up and persuaded him to cut down on the booze. I think this did improve his count and quality, so worth a try too!


Hey Blondyboo,

I just wanted to mention something after reading your reply from Diane.

My partner had a really low sperm count. I can't remember all the numbers but the first sample was so low they said icsi wouldn't even work.

The second sample slightly better and enough that they were able to freeze and said they got 5 straws?

The 3rd sample had improved dramatically although they didn't freeze this because it was just to check.

Anyway my partner started taking wellmans fertility tablets and stopped having baths. This seems to have really improved his sperm quality.

Hope this helps. Good luck xxx


Thank you Amanda x



My partner had severe male factor, all areas were low. We had ICSI and it was successful for us. You don't need many for ICSI, just both of you prepare as well as you can. Husband was taking Well Man, pretty much cut out drinking, exercised regularly and ate well. It didn't improve that much but I think it certainly improved the quality. Good luck with your treatment x


thank you Daisy i think we are just going through the motions of every worst case scenario ! xx


I did that as well, it's impossible not to x


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