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Hi Everyone,

Im new here :)

Im 36yo and we've been trying for a baby for 1.5y now unsuccessfully due to poor sperm quality... We booked an appointment at a private clinic in London for ICSI, but in the meantime we received an unexpected early appointment at the chelsea and westminster hospital.

I am a little bit confused because obviously we would be happy going through NHS cost wise, but at the same time I am not sure if the service would be the same (timing, success rate, etc...)

Has any of you can tell me how long the process takes with NHS and if you would recommend skipping the NHS and just go private

Milloin thanks

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  • From experience, I wish we went private, my husband wanted us to stick with the NHS route. I think it's dependent on area. I'm 29 and in the menopause, and feel like I've wasted at least a year of it, waiting for the next appointment constantly. Maybe having all your baseline tests wouldn't be a problem, but they don't usually do them there and then.

    Maybe your area is different, but I live in Devon and got referred to St Mary's in London for surgery on my womb, and I constantly had to chase them.

    As for success rate, there is no difference, my clinic treat both NHS and private patients. You get the same doctors, equipment, so as far as I am aware there is no difference in rates.

    All the best to you both.xx

  • Hey Hun, I actually had my IUI and ivf at Chelsea and Westminster. The staff and everyone there is lovely. When is your first appointment? I had my first ivf appointment back in September, and then at the same time I booked an appointment with the nurse and I started my treatment in October. So although it's NHS the hospital see you quickly. I was approved for ivf back in June 2016 and had to wait until September 2016 to have my first appointment at Chelsea and Westminster. Happy to answer any questions you may have xx

  • This is soooooo useful! We're waiting to hear about funding at the moment and will then be having IVF at C&W. We've already been seeing consultant there for investigations etc and been so impressed with the hospital.

  • Thank you so much for your message :)

    My first appointment is next Tuesday (in two days). When you say you were approved for IVF, is it the GP you referred you who approved you or the fertility specialist of the NHS who did ?

    I haven't been yet to C&W it's the very first appointment. xx

  • Hey Hun back in 2015 I was referred by my GP to a fetility specialist at my local hospital. I had a hsg test done and was told to try IUI first and see if that worked. After the second try it didn't work and then in may 2016 I completed all the forms to see if my ivf would be approved. It got approved in July 2016 and then I had selected to have my treatment at Chelsea and Westminster and I had my first appointment with them in September 2016. I think if I didn't have IUI it would have all been quicker x

  • We're going through the NHS at Chelsea & Westminster. We were already being seen there to investigate why I'm not getting pregnant. Now we know IVF is the only way and we're waiting to get funding approved. The ACU is actually in the private wing of the C&W (the waiting room is the only bit we've seen so far but it's very different from the waiting room in the general gynaecology area!).

    Have you visited the hospital? It's really nice and modern. Doesn't feel like typical NHS at all! It's also reassuring to know that if anything goes wrong, you can immediately use the rest of the NHS resources to get you better!!

  • P.S. I've also heard that once funding has been approved, NHS and private patients are treated exactly the same at C&W's ACU. So no waiting list. Apparently, you get seen fairly quickly!

  • DaisyDuckUK i was treated at Guys and I would definitely agree that the NHS and private patients are treated the same. I think it does depend on the area and some people may have a bad NHS experience. Guys were amazing and everything went so smoothly and the staff were also extremely helpful.

    You have to remember that in such hospitals you are treated by the same staff that treat the private patients as well.

    Also if NDE1987 can share her experience then you should consider.

    Best wishes. Xx

  • Faizou maybe you can go for the NHS for now (just in case that doesn't work out) then you can fall back on the private hospital treatment.

    All the best Hun xx

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