Cervical erosion anyone?

Hi, just a slight aside from ttc - I am going to see a gynaecologist tomorrow because I mentioned to my GP a while ago that I'd had very small amount of bleeding after sex on 2 occasions in about 6months (I mentioned it in case it's relevant to fertility). She examined me and said I have an erosion on my cervix which needs treating, probably by cautery. This erosion hasn't caused me any probs since. I have done a bit of research & it sounds like these erosion don't turn into anything nasty if you leave them, & my concern is that cauterising my cervix may affect my cervical mucous & I really don't want anything done that may decrease my chances of conceiving (although I suppose if I'm going to be having IVF anyway I don't need my cervical mucous). It seems that these are v common lesions & lots of ppl dont have them treated. Obviously I'm going to see what the Dr says tomorrow but just wondered if you guys have any experience with these & if you had them treated or not?

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  • I have/had this, I just went and got it done, it doesn't hurt and I'm pretty sure it doesn't effect your IVF at all because nobody throughout the IVF process even mentioned it to me. xx

  • Great, thanks for your reply - feel a bit better about it now x

  • It's no worse than having a regular smear test! x

  • Hi hannahi. Just hoping that all went well today for you. I know I would want any erosion dealt with before trying to get pregnant or having fertility treatment. You don't want to risk any infection at all. Fingers crossed it is soon sorted. Diane

  • Mine was years ago but don't believe it changed my cervical mucous at all. I was lead to believe it was important to have the procedure but this was 20 years ago so opinion may have changed since then xxx

  • Yeah I have this. It's very slight she said. No one has ever mentioned having any treatment for it. She said it was basically wear & tear, lol! Let us know what your dr says x

  • Update....I went to the gynae today & she said I have a "pouty" cervix! A very slight erosion that doesn't need treating....phew! Thanks for all your replies x

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