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Laproscopy or straight to IVF? Help!

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Hi all, first post on here. I'm 39, we have been trying for 18mths. I seem to be ovulating - final day 2 blood test to confirm but an ultrasound showed me ovulating last week on what was day 28 (I'm normally a straight 28 cycle) so cycle seems a bit crazy this month.

I have had a failed hsg 2 weeks ago potentially highlighting issues with my cervix (had 2 ops for removal of CIN cells a few years ago) so my options now are a) laproscopy or b) straight to IVF. I feel like I clammed up in the consultation and guess was hoping for an answer on why not conceiving rather than you can start ivf now. It's completely thrown me.

I've booked in for the laproscopy which should be end dec time but I'm not sure if this is the right thing or if I should just get on with ivf. Issue I may have is the cervix for the catheter to pass through like the hsg.

Has anyone gone through anything like this and have any advice? Feeling very lost and overwhelmed!

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I have- I faced this decision last year.

For us it was the best decision we made! We finally received an explanation for our infertility after 6 years of ttc - I have endometriosis ( which can only be seen via laparoscopy )

We conceived straight away but had a chemical pregnancy.

This year I’ve had another 2 laparoscopys to treat endometriosis & I’m now 5 weeks pregnant.

If you have any questions on the laparoscopy feel free to ask me ( I’ve had 3!)

All the best hope it brings you closer to your BFP xoxo

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Wow thank you so much! I'm sat in top shop waiting room (taken the little sister shopping) and your reply has made me well up!

It's so bizarre, I thought it would be more simple and quicker than this for some crazy reason. I feel so out of control and I have no idea what I should do.

You have really reassured me thank you. So best thing is to keep trying until op, have it and then try again.

The procedure seems simple enough if just exploratory I guess...the doc seemed to think it's a couple of week was it for you?

Thank you for your help and congratulations! X

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Thank you. Early days but we are chuffed 😘

For each lap I only needed 2 weeks off, but phased into light duties returning to work( i work in a school & very health & safety conscious)

If we’d gone ahead with the IVF instead of the laparoscopy it would’ve failed ( my endometriosis had a negative impact on my fertility) definitely believe you are doing the right thing 😊 usually if they find “issues” they can also treat them at the same time providing you have given your consent ( ask them to treat endometriosis if they find it👍)

It is a very difficult journey but definitely one that is completely worth fighting for. 😍I’ve been where you are & you can do this. 💪🏻💞❤️ xoxo

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Thank you so much. I do feel so much better already just form your guys replies.

Nervous but excited at the end outcome. We will get there! Xx

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Of course you will and I will look forward to hearing your happy news ❤️❤️❤️ xoxo

Hi lovely! I didn’t have the choice- I had a laparoscopy in sept which they needed me to do before I began ivf to check my tube was clear. After the laparoscopy, we managed to conceive naturally in November. Unfortunately we went onto miscarry and then began ivf in May. We are now 22 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby boy 💙 good luck with whatever you choose xxx

Wow thank you and congratulations! So some success stories here which is lovely.

Age, not knowing why, it's all so overwhelming so I really appreciate you replying..

Yes I would have expected to be told I could choose to just go for it. It didn't seem right considering the failed hsg which is why I was concerned.

Seems we picked the right way though so thank you xx

My experience was quite different from Jess/Rachel but my doctor told me to go straight to IVF. I have suspected endometriosis (it can't be confirmed until lap) and one of my tubes are also blocked. Given my reserve was high my doctor just told me to go straight to IVF. Endometriosis can always come back and I've been told that a woman resets after pregnancy so the endo may disappear after that 🤞

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Maybe that was where he was coming from. I have a list of questions to ask him when I speak to him now!

Hi and welcome 😊

I've had hsg and 2 laps, I've now been referred and have recently had a failed cycle.

I would advise the lap as doctors can see exactly what's going on, it's tempting to go straight for ivf as that speeds things up.

The decision is yours though. I personally always go with what doctors say but they have given you the choice which does not help much.

If you don't mind me asking, are you with NHS? Xxx

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Yes I am with the nhs which was why I was so surprised. Not sure if it's my age or not as I'm 39, 40 in Feb?

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It could be, my clinic cut off point is 40 years old as far as I'm aware so you'd have to take that in to consideration as well. When I 2as stimming in Feb there was a lady who was approaching her 40th and she wanted to do cycle before she hit that threshold.

I'm not sure about your clinic. Xx

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He said I'm ok up until 42 which I was also super surprised about (I did ask if they cut me off in Feb and be said no!)

Another question to be added to the list as know standard is 3 cycles before 40 if over. Will ask!

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That's brilliant! In that case, if it were me I'd opt for a lap first. But totally up to you.


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Thank you! Seems the general consensus so glad we chose that! Xx

Hi I am 38 and I had one lap which found mild endo and it was also to see and remove a fibroid they found. Following this I had one chemical pregnancy, and after advice from consultant a successful natural pregnancy (taking baby aspirin) I am now 24 weeks pregnant. I would def recommend having it xxx

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Arr congrats!!! I feel so much better today, yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind but you guys have really helped so tha k you.

Lap it is and the dream of a natural pregnancy could still be achieved!

Thank you xx

Hey Kelly, Im having issues with passing my cervix too. Personally I'd do the laparoscopy and ask if they can dilate your cervix at the same time. It would also give the consutlant a chance to ensure there are no other problems. Its a bit of a bummer having to wait for surgery but hopefully if there is anything they can sort it in prep for you roud of IVF and also the dilation of the cervix will help for future embryo transfers.xx

Thanks for replying! Yes they will test that too. He said it will support to see why can't get through cervix. Guess we can only get more answers at this point which can only be good.

To be fair the op should be December which I think isn't too bad, will see when the appointment comes through.

Nervous but weirdly sort of excited to get some answers!

I've had a similar situation. Had my first appointment with a fertility consultant (NHS) last week. I've had 2 miscarriages over 3 years, I'm 37 and so far the infertility is unexplained. The consultant basically told me the only issue with my ability to conceive and carry is likely to be my age, and I should start IVF immediately. Although she was compassionate, I didn't find this at all helpful and when I mentioned having a lap she said I could but she thinks it's a waste of time. I disagree - how can something that might give me answers be a waste of time? As far as I can tell, going for IVF without knowing the full picture could be waste of time!

This post and all the replies has reinforced what I thought originally. Lap is definitely the next step for me. Thanks everyone xx

Good luck on your future journey. I've previously looked into quality of the eggs being such a huge factor for people over 35...there is a fab book called it's starts with the egg I have just stated ro read. Interesting so far. More about ivf but seems there are things we can do to support the quality of the egg which I thought was pre determined by age and my biggest fear. I didnt meet my partner until 3 years ago so a big factor for me.

Not heard this from any doctor so far though and have seen a leaflet about chromosomal screening on embryos to increase chances of successful ivf.

Frustrating saying age as is it or is it about quality? I think we need help to understand how we influence this but it's all so new in research. Personally I have changed a few things due to thus boom already but we aren't even managing to conceive.

Also saw posts about DHEA (I think) on here. Woudl like to know more on that so may do another post now.

Definitely sounds like that's worth a read. I just find it unbelievably frustrating that doctors take one look at your age and stop looking for any other reason. You're right that it's all new research, though. Women starting families in their mid-thirties is a relatively new thing, so actually there isn't as much relevant data out there as people would have you believe. I'm pretty cynical about what doctors tell me anyway. Must be my age ;-)

Thanks for the book tip, and very best of luck to you for the lap and whatever comes next xx

You too, hope all goes well and if you ever need a rant feel free to message me, sure I will be doing plenty!

I agree with the cynic too...age isn't enough for me, my whole family are women, all late menopause and my mum had 2 more kids later in life at 38 and 41...granted she tried for 7 years for the first one and miscarried in between but shows it can happen.

Best of luck! Xx

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