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Egg collection approaching, any advice?

Hi Ladies

Happy Saturday!

We re going through our first IVF cycle and should hopefully be ready for egg collection btw Wednesday and Friday next week. Not long to go... would you have any recommendations?

We were supposed to move some stuff to storage and lift quite a few heavy stuff but not sure that s the best idea... the doc also recommended to take some time off after btw EC and transfer & after transfer. Do you agree?

I ve been reacting quite well to the buserelin and Gonal F (300) so far but don't have that many follicles.... getting closer so head is spinning with loads of questions, and worrying a bit what to do and not do. Thanks 🙏🏻

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Hi! Both times I have taken the full 2ww off, plus the week of EC. We have quite a bit to travel for each appointment so needed to not have work to worry about work in between the frequent scans etc and then EC itself. Then from EC you should really rest for a few days after this, and for me i just like to take away any undue stress and not be at work until after the pregnancy test. I guess it's all personal choice and depends on your job and usual stress levels. Good luck!! 😊🙌🏼 Xx

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Thanks @weeMrsH. Makes sense 😀xx

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So pleased to hear yor treatment is going well.

I wouldn't do any lifting after transfer but you should be fine before. Dont injure yourself tho you have enough going on lol.

Will maybe help keep your mind busy too if you have things going on.

Wishing lots of luck with EC, you will do great xx

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Definitely no heavy lifting. Think taking time off really hangs on how stress you or physically demanding your job is but defo have the day of collection & transfer off and day after at a minimum! If u can take the whole time off, I would take full advantage x

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Hi Alex,

I took a week off work after EC and it was definitely worth it. I was very very bloated and quite sore. Resting was really helpful and some gentle walking around the flat. Trust your body and rest when you need to. I would hold off on lifting anything heavy just because it might hurt a little.

I also had Gonal F and buserelin.

After ET, I took one day to rest and then went back to work. Now I feel almost normal except for the hormonal mood swings!

Good luck with the EC. I wish you lots of lovely eggs and embies! :)


Thank you ladies!!!🙏🏻

My follies are not big enough yet (got a stomach bug last week, didn't help...) so we re now looking at Friday , Saturday or even Monday!!! Will try to go big on protein to give them a boost :)

But I will keep half this week off anyways and rest up.

Best of luck with the outcome @KiraJean and all of you girls 🤗 xx

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