Egg collection booked for Friday

Hi everyone, I went for a scan this morning after 15 days of stims and I am finally ready for EC this Friday 😱😊 They also took some blood to check my progesterone levels as some of the follicles are quite large. They said the level will determine if they freeze them or do a fresh transfer. Is this normal to get progesterone levels checked at this stage as I think they are saying I'm quite late in my cycle but actually I have long cycles usually so normally ovulate around day 20. Keep trying to remind them but I guess they see a lot of different ladies and have the standard set timelines that they work to.

Any advice is much appreciated! Xx

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  • Hi Bluebelle1. Just wanted to wish you well, and you can get a fresh transfer. Try not to worry if they do have to freeze your embies, as they will be quite safe, and I'm sure you will soon get prepped for a FET asap. Good luck and I will be thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane. I have been told my progesterone was low so they will be going ahead with fresh transfer so that's exciting :) x

  • Hi Bluebelle1. Hope all goes/has gone well today with the transfer. Exciting times, but anxious too. Have a good rest afterwards. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Good luck for ec tomorrow. I hope you get a great number of good quality eggs:-)

  • Thank you! :) xx

  • Good luck for tomorrow. It's really nothing to be worried about xx

  • Thank you! Think I'm most worried about the sedation just not knowing what to expect! Xx

  • I was white with panic and no food or morning cuppa, I felt ill but the first thing I said after I woke is I'd do it all again if I had too, it's not as bad, the meds are very good, I was asleep within seconds I had discomfort but they just keep topping you up, I had the lot lol just take time off to recover and rest, wishing you all the best for tmoro xx

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