Egg collection and transfer

Egg collection and transfer

At egg collection yesterday we got 24 eggs! Much awaited phone call this morning told us that 12 have fertilised normally! Over the moon! ✨ Hoping for 5 day transfer on Sunday. I was wondering if anyone ate or did anything in particular after transfer that worked for you? I'm ready with Brazil nuts, pineapple core and pomegranate juice - anything else I can try? Good luck wishes to you all whatever your stage x x x

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  • Wow thats a fab number!! Im geared up for a 5 day transfer on Sunday too! Best of luck, hope our embies are growing away in their incubators!! I've got pineapple and Brazil nuts too!!xx

  • Thank you!! Sending positive growing wishes to our embies! Lots of luck for Sunday xxx

  • I didn't know about Brazil nuts and pineapple, shall be following this for more tips! X

  • Wanted to wish you all the best - that's a fab number and very positive xx

    No advice for you though I'm afraid, I didn't do anything different. Just ate normal, healthy food and obviously no alcohol.

  • Wow that's great good luck hunny xx

  • That's a great number! We also got the call today and ours have fertilised well and gearing up for a 5-day transfer on Sunday too! I'm so excited but also such a worry wort and hoping nothing goes wrong between now and then ... what do the Brazil nuts and pineapple do?

  • It's such a worrying time and I don't think anyone can help it! I've worried all the way through and will continue to even though I know it doesn't make any difference to the outcome! I'm not sure on the science behind Brazil nuts and pineapple I think it's something to do with helping your lining and supporting implantation. I'm willing to try anything haha! Wishing you lots of luck for Sunday xxx

  • Hi LMN30. Wow, that's a lot of "chooks"! Make sure you drink plenty of water and have a rest when you can. Fingers crossed for successful fertilisation and transfer - and for a positive result. Diane

  • Thank you Diane I am drinking lots of water and the bloating has reduced today! Keeping everything crossed for a positive result. Xx

  • Hi LMN30. That's so good here. Everything still crossed for you. Diane

  • I tried the pineapple core last time and got a bfp. Don't know if that made the difference but omg it was not nice - the texture made me gag! I only managed three days of it. Great numbers on the egg front! Good luck! 🍀 X

  • Thank you, I know what you mean it's not the nicest texture! I'll keep going with it for now, hoping it helps chances of BFP! Wishing you lots of luck on your journey xxx

  • Good luck 😊 fab number xx

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