Anyone else coasted?

Hi all, I'm day 10 of stimming today and after bloods and ultrasound have been asked to skip my menopur tonight and go for another blood test tomorrow! When I asked the nurse whether my oestrogen was too high she just said that they're high enough and we don't want theme to go any higher. Has anyone else been in this situation and not had their cycle cancelled? Because that's all I can think about now! 😒

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  • Hello! I was coasted and ended up with lots of eggs and blasts to transfer, try not to worry! x Just got my BFP too.

  • Thanks for replying. That is reassuring, but I will obviously continue to fret about it! And congratulations on your bfp!! :)

  • I wasnt coasted but I had to reduce my dose for stimulating due to high E2. I also had to take half the dose of hcg trigger. I had EC today got 29 eggs. I'm at high risk of ohss. coasting and reducing doses seem to be the normal. They just don't want you to over stimulated. Good luck x

  • Wow, that is an incredible egg count! Well done! And thanks so much for your reply. I'm calming down now and hoping everything works out in the end. Good luck for the fertilisation and transfer!

  • Honestly don't panic I was the same. When I got my blood results back and they called and said they was a bit high I spent the night googling stuff was so convinced they would cancel it. I had to have an early scan and i had lots of follicles but the last bloods I had done they said it was fine. Did they say how many follicles you have?

    Thanks I'm just praying I don't get ohss and then have to have them frozen! Currently drowning myself with water 🀞🏻

  • I think they said I have 23 follicles so not a huge number and my previous bloods were apparently completely fine so this one came as a bit of a surprise.

    Will pray for you to get to a fresh transfer!! Thanks again 😊

  • Ah 23 good number 😊 All the best with your bloods today fingers crossed the levels are where they want them to be and even if there not they can continue to coast you for a few days with no problems. Thanks πŸ™ X

  • ah not experienced this but sounds like all the girls here have done an excellent job to reassure u .just wanted to wish u the best of luck xxx

  • Thanks so much for replying 😊 Happily, I can trigger tonight with buserelin and egg collection will be on Monday. Phew.

    All the best to you too xxx

  • ah excellent news!!! all the best for lots of happy healthy eggs xxx

  • Thank you! You are so lovely! Xxx

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