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Day 15 buserelin update

So today will be my 15th buserelin injection and thankfully the nasty cold I had last week has shifted! I did have the most horrendous headache on Friday but suspect that was because I'd barely drank any water on Thursday and Friday... silly me!

Stomach is looking a little worse for wear on the right hand side, hubby does my injections and says it feels a little tougher to get the needle in on that side?? So doing the next couple of injections on the left side, to give the bruising chance to heal on the right.

Other than bruising I'm feeling ok in myself, I did feel a bit short tempered with people when out shopping yesterday (mostly for getting in my way 😂) but just told myself to get a grip haha!

First scan (affectionately known as dildocam in our house - sorry to anyone easily offended but you have to take your laughs where you can on this journey 😂) is booked for Friday afternoon to check how things are looking, hopefully we can start discussing dates for transfer! As I've got ten days off in April I'm going to ask for it to be on or after 7th April so I can make the most of my time off and not have to take any additional leave.


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Hi Sprinkles86. Good that you are feeling better after your cold. The buserelin works on your pituitary gland in the brain - hence the bad temper and the need for extra water. The tough area on your tummy will just be down to a bit of bleeding in the soft tissues, so good to give that side a bit of a break. Hope all goes well with Friday's scan. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks Diane, doing my best to stay calm this cycle so taking each day as it comes and not thinking too far ahead. I did forget to mention the night sweats in my post which have been a delight 😂 But overall I am feeling good xxx


Hi Sprinkles86. Oh dear! I'm afraid the night sweats goes with the medication I'm afraid, as it mimics menopausal symptoms. You will be fine once you are off Buserelin. Thinking of you. Diane


Thanks Diane, so good to have you on here for words of advice xxx


Hi Prinkles86. My pleasure1 Hope the rest of your cycle goes a little easier for you. Diane


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