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Egg collection tomorrow

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Well the day is nearly here I'm excited nervous worried probably feeling every emotion right now!! Well I've no work until the 20th April which is such a weight off no stress no boss digging at me at every 5 mins!!!! I've had a total mind blast I did trigger shot last night 9pm. I cannot remember for the life of me if I need my brueserlin tonight best ring and check later don't think I need it tonight!! Well today I'm going to get the house ship shape and then chill ready for tomorrow. Hubby and myself have early morning 2 hour trip to the clinic tomorrow hubby says he's fine about his fresh sample I think he's a little worried reallyπŸ˜‚. If any of you fabulous ladies have any tips for EC would be appreciated!!! Lots of love to all πŸ˜˜πŸ’• fingers crossed we get our forever family πŸ‘ͺ xxxx

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Hey hope84, just wanting to wish you the best of luck today, hope it all goes well.

No much I can give you advice wise but just try and stay calm as its a good positive experience that is hopefully taking you to your end goal.

My hubby was the same re his sample, its just a guy thing, lol.

Looking forward to reading your updates, xx


Tomorrow I mean xx

Hi, my ec was on Tuesday and it was loads better than I expected and was over with really quick. I was even scared about them putting a canula in my hand as ive never had anything done before but it didnt even hurt! Think im that used to injections now ha ha. Half an hour before I went in I could feel my heart rate racing but could hear someone come out n say to the nurse that wasnt anywhere near as bad as I was expecting so that made me feel loads better! I took some relaxing music to listen to which was good as you can hear everyone else next to you and I had someone freaking out next to me too as she was scared, so I lay down n listen to that while hubby did his bit and tried to relax. Definately take a dressing gown to put over medical gown as your waiting for a couple of hours and nicer if you have to go to toilet etc.

I they told me I would be sedated and have a painkiller and wouldnt know what was happening (and people mentioned on here theyd been asleep), ive never had anything before, and I found I was aware of what was going on pretty much the whole time, but even that wasnt bad. I could hear the embryologist shouting how many eggs in each sample so felt good, n couldnt feel any pain cause of painkillers. I was in recovery and felt ok pretty much straight away but they left an oxygen mask on me for about 20mins n just say rest n blood pressure machine keeps going off. Then they let hubby back in and I just rested there. I felt a little tender but not too bad at all I took 2 more paracetamol to make sure for journey home and didnt have to take any that night. The worse thing about the whole experience was I was told I needed some progestrone to inject and i'd have to wait an hour as they'd ran out and it was coming in a taxi but 3 hours later it was apparent it wasnt coming !! and the nurse had to give me a weeks supply from theirs and its was then a 3 hour journey home for us n I just wanted my bed which I got in 6 hours later 😭. Hope this helps, but you'll be fine xxx

hope84 in reply to rosy_l

Oh well I'm not too nervous about tomorrow so a little anxious but I'm sure all will be fine. I was told to take a dressing gown and socks as theatre can be a little cold. At least I have no work to contend with now which is nice for me as they have been awful. But now it's time for us to fully focus on us and hope we get the result we long for xx

Good luck for tmr Hun I'm sure it will be fine . Xxx

Good luck πŸ’œ

Hope all went well for you xx

hope84 in reply to Macca13


8 good eggs collected and it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. Had a call from the clinic yesterday 6 of 8 have fertilsed 😊. Transfer is on Wednesday clinic will ring tomorrow to update and confirm time for transfer on Wednesday!!! So just keeping everything crossed now. Xx

Macca13 in reply to hope84

Best of luck for transfer tomorrow. Hope all goes very well xx

hope84 in reply to Macca13

Thank you xxx

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