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Day 3 embryo transfer success stories...

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Hi everyone - our ivf clinic has recently changed their policy and will no longer be doing day 3 transfers, only blastocyst transfers as they have studied all their patients that have sadly suffered a miscarriage following ivf (my husband and I included) and all had day 3 transfers. They want to prevent patients going through unnecessary miscarriage by only transferring embryos that make it to blastocyst and will also offer pre-genetic screening so you only get to transfer stage if you have the best possible embryo. Just wondering if anyone has a day 3 success story ending in the birth of a little one, and if you had a day 3 transfer because it didn't look like you'd make it to day 5 but you got your miracle anyway? Deciding what to do for our next cycle so any thoughts on this would be fantastic... thanks very much! xx

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I had a day three transfer I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter I tried a five day transfer and it didn't work xxx my clinic wanted me to take my 3 day transfer to a 5 day I said no really glad I only did the three day transfer xxx

Thanks so much, that's wonderful news and congratulations 😊!!! I do feel that only doing blastocyst transfers will limit my chances a bit although the clinic says it's to reduce chance of miscarriage, which I understand, but I still think three day transfers can work as being in the uterus might help a less than perfect embryo to make it? I know they just want to reduce chance of miscarriage but I feel like it's taking away a bit more of my (already limited) hope! Lots of thinking to do to decide whether to try this route as because I'm 40 and low amh I can't see my eggs making it to blastocyst so feel we'll be paying for basically two weeks of injections and egg collection with not much hope that we'll get any further. On our last three day transfer we did get to eight weeks of pregnancy but I'm sure if we'd waited until five days and done the pre-genetic screening I wouldn't have got as far as even having the experience of pregnancy as my consultant believes there was a genetic abnormality and the pregnancy just wasn't viable. I don't want to have to suffer a miscarriage again though if I don't have to of course, so in my head I'm trying to separate the science from emotions and the chance to be pregnant from not having a viable pregnancy and it's so difficult 😔 ! Thanks for your reply and your success story, that's really good to hear! Xxx

very difficult to know what to advise.i think my clinic only do day 5 to as I had some embryos make it to day 3 but they didnt consider them viable but dont lose hope bcos of your age - Im 45 and 2 of my 4 embryos made it to day 5. I didnt get my BFP however so i guess there is always room for speculation - would it have been better to put more back but at day 3. who knows - there is still so much unknown with all of this.

Best of luck tho on your journey x

Thanks very much for the luck and good to know I'm not the only one in her forties, lots of luck to you too and that's really positive that two of your embies made it to day 5 :-) xx

I have always has 3 day transfers until the last time when we had a 5 day transfer. Although we had our first ever positive pregnancy we sadly miscarried.

One thing we also did was Eeva and they can get a very good idea within 3 days which are best quality to transfer. One clinic always did a 3 day transfer if you did eeva as they knew enough information by then.

For our last cycle we actually had a 4 day transfer as was at the correct stage by then

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Thanks for the tip about eeva :-) I'm so sorry to hear of your miscarriage - exactly the same thing happened to us before Christmas, we got our first ever pregnancy but I miscarried at 8 weeks. It makes it even harder when you've gone through so much just to get pregnant in the first place. Big hugs to you xxx

I had this gut instinct when my daughter went thru IVF

They put three in each time . Once she lost all three one week at a time.

Next one dissolved and she had twins .

But I was watching a show about this .

They said since IVF has gotten so much more successful than years ago there is no need to put so many in at once .

They were finding out that more than one was more unhealthy for mom and baby .

Plus if you lost one chances were high you would lose them all .

And that the best chance is for only one good healthy egg be put into mom .

They were more likely to conceive and carry to term with less complications .

It makes total sense to me

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