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Last IVF cycle, 3 day transfer?



We’re doing a 3 day transfer of 2 embryos tomorrow - leaving the other to see how it grows as suggested by embryologist. Thanks everyone for your support.


We’ve just done our 3rd and final ivf cycle with own eggs; 7 retrieved, 3 fertilised. Embryologist suggested it might be better to transfer at day 3 and even said we would be eligible for transferring all 3 😳 - I’m certainly not sure about that! All our other transfers have been of 5 day blasts but as they were unsuccessful, I’m tempted to push for a 3 day transfer. We may not get a choice anyway but you know how you can’t help but think about it...🤔

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Maybe it’s worth going for on day three this time? Like you said, your previous ones have been day five and weren’t successful.. Diane always says they only ever used to do day three transfers years ago and they had plenty of success. Good luck xx

7AVA in reply to Tugsgirl

I was thinking the same Tugs, thanks xxx

Did they say anything about their quality? Difficult decision as well about transferring all 3. How do you feel about transferring 2? It might be worth to try something different this time. Wishing you all the best x

7AVA in reply to Kari55

I think we’ll find out more about the quality tomorrow. Yes, I was thinking maybe 2 and leave the other to see if it continues to blast and can be frozen xx

Very best of luck to you in the coming days for embryo updates and transfer. Thinking of you and hoping all goes well for you xx

7AVA in reply to Dunla

Thanks Dunla. I hope you’re getting on ok and things are moving forward for you xxx

I had a day three transfer. Apparently it’s better for the embryo to be back safely inside you anyway. It’s a natural environment to grow in. Transfer the lot. I’d go with what the experts recommend x good luck x

7AVA in reply to AmieC30

Thanks Amie, yes, I think I’ll try to push for a 3 day transfer xx

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