Day 3 transfer success stories please

Hi everyone, we had a phone call from the clinic this morning. Both of our embryos have divided to 7 and 8 cells but the embryologist said they were on the border line so we needed to decide whether to come in for a day 3 transfer or wait until day 5. She said it's down to the number of embryo we had which is two and that's why it's not a straight forward thing. We've made our decision and we're gonna go to the clinic today for a day 3 transfer. I was so upset this morning and couldn't help not to cry...I was hoping for a better news that both embies were top quality and they would make it to day 5...but there you go. Any success stories would be very welcomed to make me feel good and ready for the transfer today please xx

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  • Hi Harriet_B. Try not to worry. When I first started in fertility, we only ever did Day 3 transfers, and still got many ongoing pregnancies. Trust your embryologist who wil have given you his/her best advice. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane. I think we have made the right decision to have a day 3 transfer. Xx

  • Keeping everything crossed for you both. Diane

  • My day 3 transfer, now 3 years old is now terrorising staff at pizza hut. And we put him in thinking that he would not survive!

  •'ve made me smile. So nice to hear your story xx

  • I have be fighting to have my family for 15 years... my first I had him at 36. Second at 37 and all going well with this ivf, will be mum again at 39. I suffered miscarriage after miscarriage! Failed treatment after failed treatment... I know it’s hard but you survive and keep pushing forward! Women like us are made of hard stuff. Am not religious but I believe we are only given difficulties we can handle. Don’t give up! Never give up hope! NEVER... 🤰🤰🤰

  • Thank you hun. You've been through a lot..You're right...I need to be positive and let the nature does its job. Xx

  • stay positive. I had day 3 transfer of 5 and 6 cell and one of them worked as im now 19 weeks. X

  • Thank you and congrats on your pregnancy. We had the ET, I was feeling very emotional but I now feel warm everytime I think there are two little embies in my womb 😊😘

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