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Tested at 8dp5dt and BFN


So tomorrow is my test date- my pee on a stick date. Hubby and I agreed to test today because I'm a teacher and testing on a Monday morning and heading into school on the first day of a new term could be emotional!!! So we thought we'd test Sunday and I'll test Monday too.

So the test this morning with first time wee was negative. Feeling sad as it's our first ivf/icsi. I guess we can learn from this and find out more information about our fertility.

It's just the shock of the energy, emotions and expense! (Self funded IVF) and I'm bruised because of the blood thinners!

Anyway I'll keep up with the meds and test again tomorrow and ring the clinic. But at least I'll be a bit more sane to see my class tomorrow!

Big hugs to all on this crazy journey! Xoxo

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Oh Claire I'm sorry to read this. Make sure you take some time for yourself, be kind to each other right now, sending love x x x

So sorry to hear this look after yourself. I find it can take a while to fully sink in and grieve. Be kind to yourself xxx

Hi Hun sorry to hear that. I was in your shoes last November but got my period before my test date. I still called in sick on my test date (teacher too) as my emotions were all over the place. So what I'm saying is don't go in tomorrow if you need that extra day xx

Sorry to hear this 😔 I went into work on my test date after getting a BFN and it was pretty tough. Wish I had taken the day off. Look after yourself and hopefully you will get further answers following this cycle to hopefully be able to go again when you're ready. Xx

Oh Hun, so sorry.clinic might still say test in a few more days again just to be sure.u never know.i think allies right tho, don't put urself under pressure about work-if u need some time, take it xxx

Aww sorry to read this Claire , although it's early ? My clinic says to test 14 days post 5dt ?! Xxxx

Well test day is tomorrow. So I'll try again and ring in the result. We'll see xxx

Aww EndoClaire 😢 I was in that boat a month ago and it's horrible feeling. I tested on a Sunday early too for the same reasons. Have today to do whatever you want, or do literally nothing. It's so disappointing but look to the future, it can take most women several attempts before it works. Sending you a big hug xx

So sorry to hear this.. I do hope that it changes but if not, give it some time to sink in so you can deal with it. Big hugs xoxo

Thinking about you xx. Hoping you may get different result by re-testing and some answers from the first round. I'm testing Friday and really hope that it's the right result as the emotional turmoil we have all been through. Wishing you luck xx

Hi all just updating on actual test day and it was a BFN as the previous. Just left with lots of questions now. Trying to get prepared for the follow up. X

Tugsgirl in reply to C_L_A_I_R_E

Sorry to read you had a bfn. It's really really tough. Take care of yourself x

So sorry Claire. Hopefully they can learn from this first round and get everything set up better for your next cycle x

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