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Colleague with suspected chicken pox and I'm in early pregnancy


I'm looking for advice. I'm 7 weeks pregnant with my first pregnancy (via ICSI/IVF) and I have just found out my colleague's child has chicken pox and my colleague is now presenting possible symptoms herself. I definitely had chicken pox as a child but I'm obviously really worried so looking for any advice.

I tried to get a call my GP but they weren't available and I have since spoken to NHS direct who said it's highly likely I am immune as I've had chicken pox but they said I could get a blood test to check immunity. My GP surgery won't let me book this and I can't get an appointment with a GP for over a week. I don't have a midwife as yet as only just registered the pregnancy. I am now waiting to hear back from my clinic to see if I can have a blood test there.

Any advice would be welcome. Thank you x

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I can't help but if you send your post to Diane Arnold on the ask a nurse option I am sure she will be able to help xx


Thank you, much appreciated x

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I would definitely ring back gp as they should at very least offer phone consult same day for urgent issues, which this is, or ask for a message to be left for them. You are very likely to be immune but should be offered blood test to check. The receptionists can be so difficult to get past but gp have duty to deal with urgent issues same day! Xx


Maybe try calling your local early pregnancy unit to ask the question


Hi MrsRL. Only just read this post as I am just here on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. You should be OK as you have had the virus. However, it is best to keep away from the disease - you would have to touch it or put something an infected person has touched in your mouth to pick it up. It is highly unlikely that you would get it again, but I would advise to keep away. It is a dangerous virus to catch during pregnancy. If someone hasn't had chickenpox and trying to get pregnant, it is always best to ask for an imuno-globulin vaccination if possible. Diane


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