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Pregnant 2nd cycle after lap & hys!

Hi, I can't believe I'm writing this and my intention is to give others some hope.

I had my investigatory lap & dye plus hys in early December and we were told by the consultant to 'get on with it' as soon as possible, so we did (with care!) From my research (we weren't given any info) we saw that the procedure itself can improve fertility in the few months after, probably because it flushes the tubes out, so we had renewed hope. We were sad when I had my period again and we started looking ahead, keen to have our follow up op appointment in February where we expected to start fertility treatment.

We had a long chat about how hard we'd been trying and sat down and charted when we'd BD'd to look for patterns. We decided we could do much better, so next cycle we managed almost every day in the run up to ovulation! We used opks and I also used a moon cup. We didn't quite manage the day of ovulation or the day after, which was really frustrating but we figured it was the best we'd done in all the time we'd been trying.

We went on holiday with some friends to get some January sunshine and tried to forget about it. I drank far too much and ate lots of bad things and put on a few pounds. My husband went back to work on the Monday and I went to my first counselling appointment. On the way home I bought a pregnancy test as I usually did each month as I couldn't bear waiting for my period to find out. I took it at home and didn't expect anything at all, just went through the motions.

When the positive result appeared, I couldn't believe my eyes. I rushed straight out and bought three more. I remember the chemist gave me a wry smile at the till, I must have looked flushed! They were all positive of course and I spent the next couple of hours in disbelief.

I told my husband when he got home from work. He actually asked me if I'd taken a test and I said no because I didn't want to spoil the surprise. I wrapped the tests and a baby grow I'd bought 18 months earlier and gave them to him. He absolutely couldn't believe it, in fact went and bought two more tests and asked me to do them as well! His first reaction was to tell me not to get too excited, old habits I guess. But we're both really happy now and looking forward to the next steps in sprout's journey.

I'm 5 weeks along and have my fertility follow up appointment in February, where im hoping we will be given some info about the risks of the four fibroids the consultant found in relation to the pregnancy. I'm going to ask for a scan (I'll be nearly 7 weeks) so fingers crossed all goes smoothly.

Thanks Diane and everyone on here that has given me comfort and support xx

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Huge congratulations Becky! We shared stories a while back and I'm so glad it's worked for you. It certainly gives me hope :) xx


Thank you GosGos, it's very surreal and even more special when it eventually happens. I've got my fingers crossed for you, keep going, you'll get there xx


Hi Becky31. How fab is that?! Get that scan booked so you can get to meet your little "bean". Fingers crossed for a smooth pregnancy and birth. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank you xx


Congratulations!! I rang my clinic today to book in for the dye test. There are no other obvious reasons for the infertility and it was nearly a year ago since we last conceived but lost at 9 weeks so I'm hoping a good flush out of the tubes might actually help us. How long did you have to wait from booking the test to actually having it? I guess it depends on which clinic you go to and the waiting list.


Hi, I saw the consultant in August, had prepped in October and the investigation in Dec, I'm in Bath. Hope you don't have to wait too long and good luck xx


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