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What to ask in the second fertility appointment? (NHS)

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I'm fairly new to all of this, and thought I'd try and see if I could get any advice. My partner and I have been TTC for 21 months now, and earlier in the year I had a lap for extensive endometriosis, which was subsequently removed (three months ago). Since then, our GP referred us to the NHS fertility clinic, and we had our first appointment 1 1/2 months ago. During our first appointment, we got the results of my partners' semen analysis, where we were told that he had a 'very low sperm count' of approx 2m. The doctor suggested a second semen analysis, and to check for genetic abnormalities, which I believe we are getting the results for this tomorrow. He told us that IUI is not an option for us, and that we would need IVF with ICSI to have a successful conception and pregnancy. He said that funding is available for one cycle on the NHS only, and that it is a complicated process to apply for funding.

We were pretty blind-sided by this, the whole appointment lasted about five minutes total and we came out feeling pretty traumatised and numb. At the end, the doctor asked us whether we had any questions - neither of us could think of anything! I honestly just wanted to cry.

Since that first appointment, I've been racking my brains about what to ask in the next appointment, but I just don't know what to say. Therefore, can I ask you what I should be asking about in the next fertility appointment? Do you recommend pushing in a particular direction? We are really at a loss, and are just desperate for a child, but felt no compassion from the first experience. Any guidance / advice / support would be very much appreciated.

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Hi this isn’t about the appointment but my clinic recommend either condensyl or menevit as one a day supplements to help with sperm health. They also recommend men stop drinking. I thought I would share this with you as it’s something you can start whilst waiting for all the nhs process. It is possible for sperm counts to improve and it is possible to get pregnant with a partner who has a low sperm count so it’s definitely a good idea to keep trying naturally whilst you wait x

My clinic recommended condensyl too, you can buy it online and ideally be on it for about 4 months.

It can be an alot to take on board initially but don’t be put off by it because when u get your baby u won’t regret it. Good luck! It was 3rd time luck for us (I have endo like u) so message me with any questions xx

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Sfarre in reply to penny24

Ok thanks for the insights. I'll definitely ask about Condensyl today. Atm, OH has been taking Wellman Conception since our last appt - fingers crossed, it was helped a bit!

Hi Starre. You may have heard of the list of questions I have compiled for you to look through before a consultation. If you email me in confidence to support@fertilitynetworkuk.org I will send them to you. Diane

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Sfarre in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you, I've emailed you now.

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DianeArnoldPartner in reply to Sfarre

OK will sort it now for you. Diane

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MofM in reply to DianeArnold

DianeArnold could I email you as well? I am sure I will find you list of questions very helpful. Thanks!

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DianeArnoldPartner in reply to MofM

Hi MofM. Of course. Back in office on Wednesday. support@fertilitynetworkuk.org Diane

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